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Performance Management and Appraisal - Bernardin - Review Notes

Human Resource Management Revision Article Series

Performance management is a critical component of a broader set of human resource practices that are linked to business objectives, personal and organizational development, and corporate strategy.

Performance is defined as the record of outcomes produced in specified job functions or activities during a specified time period.

Performance data are used for compensation, staffing purposes, training needs analysis and research and evaluation.

Appraisals are challenged in courts and there are regulation in place to protect rights of employees.

Bernardin emphasized that the effects of appraisal and performance management systems will be more positive if and when certain prescriptions are followed that have generally not been heeded by practitioners.

The prescriptions indicated by Bernarding are:

1. Precision in the definition and measurement.
2. The content and measurement of performance should derive from internal and external customers.
3. The system needs a formal process for investigating and correcting for the effects of situational constraints on performance.

Performance on the job as a whole of a person would be equal to the sum (average) performance on the major job functions or activities. It should not be confused with traits and competencies of the person.

What are the uses for Performance Data?

Performance data are used for compensation, staffing purposes, training needs analysis and research and evaluation.

Six primary Criteria of Performance

1. Quality 2. Quantity 3. Timeliness 4. Cost-effectivenss 5. Need for supervision
6. Interpersonal impact.

Designing an Appraisal System

The system is based on the decisions in the following dimensions:

Measurement content
Measurement process
Defining the rater
Defining the ratee

Measurement content

Effective performance appraisal focuses n the record of outcomes with major emphasis on outcomes directly related to an organization's mission and objectives.

Measurement process

The process can compare ratees.
Comparison of a person's performance to anchors of his job.
Comparison among anchors.

Defining the rater

Raters can be ratees themselves (self rating), supervisors, peers, clients or customers, or higher level managers.

Defining the ratee

The ratee may be defined at the individual, work group, division or organization-wide level.

Possible rating errors

1.Leniency/severity 2. Halo/Horn's effect 3. Central tendency 4. Fundamental attribution errors (actor - observer bias) 5. Representativeness 6. Availability 7. Anchoring

Appraisal feedback

Raters have a responsibility to give feedback and improve the performance of the ratee.

Raters should provide feedback that is clear, specific, descriptive, job related, constructive, frequent and timely.


Chapter Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you should be able to

Understand the value and uses of performance appraisals in organizations and the prescriptions for effective appraisal.

Present a definition of performance and apply the definition to various job functions.

Discuss the legal implications of performance appraisal.

Explain the various errors in ratings and proven methods to reduce them.

Describe the necessary steps for implementing an effective appraisal feedback system.

H. John Bernardin, Human Resource Management

by: Joanne Reid, Victoria Hubbell, Victoria Hubbell
Ivy Business Journal
Issues: March / April 2005.

Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations

Robert D. Austin
Addison-Wesley, 1996 - 240 pages

Based on an award-winning doctoral thesis at Carnegie Mellon University, Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations presents a captivating analysis of the perils of performance measurement systems.

Because people often react with unanticipated sophistication when they are being measured, measurement-based management systems can become dysfunctional, interfering with achievement of intended results. Fortunately, as the author shows, measurement dysfunction follows a pattern that can be identified and avoided.

The author’s findings are bolstered by interviews with eight recognized experts in the use of measurement to manage computer software development: David N. Card, of Software Productivity Solutions; Tom DeMarco, of the Atlantic Systems Guild; Capers Jones, of Software Productivity Research; John Musa, of AT&T Bell Laboratories; Daniel J. Paulish, of Siemens Corporate Research; Lawrence H. Putnam, of Quantitative Software Management; E. O. Tilford, Sr., of Fissure; plus the anonymous Expert X. A practical model for analyzing measurement projects solidifies the text.

Performance Review Aligns Employees To Individual Goals

Often called pay-for-performance (P4P), the concept is to build a culture of top performers by aligning goals, performance, and rewards across an entire organization: Head HR, Skillsoft

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A to Z of Management: Articles, Books, Concepts, Faculty, Research

Adoption of New Products and Processes
Analysis of Consumer Markets

Building Resource Strengths and Organizational Capabilities
Business Ethics – Introduction

Consumer Behavior
Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty

Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain
Direct Marketing and Its Management

Evolution of Management Thought and Theory


Groups and Teams

Just-in-Time and Lean Systems

Learning Curves

Marketing Concept - Kotler
Marketing Strategy - Marketing Process - Kotler's Description
Marketing Research and Market Demand Forecasting

Needs and Wants - Marketing Concepts

Planning - A Management Process
Power - The Concept and Theory in Organizational Behavior
Principles of Management – Koontz and O’Donnell
Process of Management
Productivity Control - Productivity Management

Resourcing - A Function of Management

Scientific Management - Foundation and Development of the Approach
Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Target Costing and Target Cost Management

Value Engineering - Introduction


Research InterestStaff Member
AccountabilityBill Lee
AccountabilitySharif Khalid
Accountability in eco-labellingSanjay Lanka
Accountability of NGOsAtaur Belal
Accounting and cultureNaoko Komori
Accounting and implementation of sustainable development goalsAtaur Belal
Accounting and local communityJim Haslam
Accounting educationOlga Cam
Accounting for externalitiesSanjay Lanka
Accounting literature, analysis ofJim Haslam
Accounting professionAtaur Belal
AcculturationLien Monkhouse
Action researchMalcolm Patterson
Activity-based costingWael Hadid
Ageing and organisationDiane Burns
Agent based modellingDermot Breslin
Agri-food supply chainSonal Choudhary
Agroecology accountingSanjay Lanka
Alternative dispute resolutionPaul Latreille
Analysis of corporate disclosuresJim Haslam
Anti- and pro-social employee behavioursMalcolm Patterson
Anti-corporate campaignsJon Burchell
Application of Blockchain to accountingRichard Bruce
Applications to managementFrancesco Ciardiello
Art marketsMarta Herrero
Art museumsMarta Herrero
Arts and cultural managementMarta Herrero
Arts brandingDaragh O'Reilly
Arts marketingMarta Herrero
Asset management Andrew Brint
Audience ManagementClaire Burdfield
Audit firmsNaoko Komori
AuditingMostafa Abuzeid
Auditing expectations gapJim Haslam
Bank performanceNeng Jiang
Banking and financial marketsLei Chen
Banks and financial marketsSumon Bhaumik
Barriers and Enablers to the Adoption of New TechnologiesFraser Mcleay
Big data analyticsLien Monkhouse
Biodiversity accountingSanjay Lanka
Bogus self-employmentJason Heyes
Brand communitesFraser Mcleay
Brand CommunitiesClaire Burdfield
Brand ManagementClaire Burdfield
BrandingPanayiota Alevizou
BrandingRanis Cheng
Branding and sustainabilityPanayiota Alevizou
Business and international developmentDavid Littlewood
Business continuityMartina McGuinness
Business modelsTim Vorley
CapabilitiesMarian Jones
Capital allocation practicesMirna Jabbour
Capital marketingShuxing Yin
Capital structureJonathan Jeffrey
Care culturesDiane Burns
Care quality and job qualityDiane Burns
Career developmentLaura Dean
Change and interventionsDiane Burns
Children and marketingCaroline Oates
Circular economySonal Choudhary
Civil society and accountingJim Haslam
Classical Marxism and accountingStewart Smyth
Climate changeHossein Olya
Co-operativesSanjay Lanka
CognitionMarian Jones
CollaborationKamal Birdi
CommemorationChris Stride
CommunicationAlex Wright
CommunicationSarah Brooks
Communities of ConsumptionFraser Mcleay
Community festivalsElizabeth Carnegie
Community studiesColin Williams
Competition and market volatilityNeng Jiang
Conflict and workplace resistanceKirsty Newsome
Conflict managementPaul Latreille
ConsultingAndrea Ward
Consumer buying behaviourLien Monkhouse
Consumer perceptionLien Monkhouse
Consumer's perceptions of Robots and Artifical IntelligenceFraser Mcleay
Control systemsWael Hadid
Corporate failureJohn Brierley
Corporate financeJunhong Yang
Corporate financeShuxing Yin
Corporate financeTunyi Abongeh
Corporate financeTunyi Abongeh
Corporate finance and governanceJiao Ji
Corporate governanceSharif Khalid
Corporate performance and market valuationNeng Jiang
Corporate responsibilityStephen Allen
Corporate responsibilityWael Hadid
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)David Littlewood
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)Jiao Ji
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)Sergej Ljubownikow
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)Sharif Khalid
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)Sonal Choudhary
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainabilityLei Chen
Corporate successJohn Brierley
Corporate/business community engagementSergej Ljubownikow
CorruptionMartina McGuinness
Cost accountingJuliana Meira
Council planningKevin Burrows
Counter and shadow accountingJim Haslam
Creative and cultural industriesMarta Herrero
Creative entrepreneurshipMarta Herrero
Creative IndustriesClaire Burdfield
Creative leadershipMarta Herrero
CreativityDermot Breslin
CreativityKamal Birdi
Credit unionsBill Lee
Critical accountingAdam Leaver
Critical managementDiane Burns
Critical managementPenny Dick
Critical psychologyPenny Dick
Critical realism and accountingStewart Smyth
Critical theoryBill Lee
Cross cultural research in accountingNaoko Komori
Cross-border mergers and acquisitionsiMelanie Hassett
Crowd managementRose Shepherd
Cultural differencesJunzhe Ji
Cultural identityElizabeth Carnegie
Cultural IndustriesClaire Burdfield
Cultural studiesLien Monkhouse
Culture changeMalcolm Patterson
Curiosity and serendipity in information systemsElaine Toms
Customer ExperienceJohn Wilson
Decision sciencesAntonino Sgalambro
Decision supportJonathan Linton
Decision support systems for complex logistics and supply chain management problemAndrea Genovese
Decision-markingChantal Cantarelli
DevelopmentKamal Birdi
Development of new measures/metricsElaine Toms
Deviance and ethical behaviourMalcolm Patterson
Dialogics and accountingStewart Smyth
Digital and social media marketingNavdeep Athwal
Digital MarketingFraser Mcleay
DisabilityPaul Latreille
DisabilityPauline Dibben
DiscoursePenny Dick
DiversityJeremy Dawson
DroughtMartina McGuinness
E-Business Lenny Koh
E-learningPaul Latreille
E-Organisations Lenny Koh
Earnings managementTunyi Abongeh
East Asian consumersLien Monkhouse
Eco-civilisationFrank Birkin
Economic developmentColin Williams
Economic developmentJunhong Yang
Economic restructuringColin Williams
Economics of transition in ChinaJunhong Yang
EducationJohn Wilson
Education and sustainabilityPanayiota Alevizou
Emerging market economiesJiao Ji
Emerging market multinationalsSumon Bhaumik
Emotion at workMalcolm Patterson
Empirical financeJiao Ji
Empirical financeTunyi Abongeh
EmployabilityPaul Latreille
Employee wellbeingCarolyn Axtell
Employee wellbeing and motivationMalcolm Patterson
Employees of one-child generation in ChinaHuiping Xian
Employment protection legislationJason Heyes
Employment relationsKirsty Newsome
Employment rightsDragos Adascalitei
Employment rightsJason Heyes
Employment tribunalsPaul Latreille
Energy industry Andrew Brint
Enterprise risk management (ERM)Mirna Jabbour
Enterprise searchElaine Toms
Entrepreneurial behaviourDermot Breslin
Entrepreneurial economiesTim Vorley
EntrepreneurshipAbbi Kedir
EntrepreneurshipAndreana Drencheva
EntrepreneurshipChay Brooks
EntrepreneurshipMarian Jones
EntrepreneurshipRobert Wapshott
EntrepreneurshipVasilios Theoharakis
Entry mode choiceJunzhe Ji
Environmental accountingFrank Birkin
Environmental economicsDavid Oglethorpe
Environmental economicsJunhong Yang
Environmental issues in SMEsMike Simpson
Environmental management systemsPanayiota Alevizou
Environmental performanceMirna Jabbour
Environmental strategyJon Burchell
Equality at workLaura Dean
Escalation of commitmentChantal Cantarelli
European Union social policyMichael Frize
EvaluationKamal Birdi
Evaluation of information systemsElaine Toms
Everday experiences of organizaingJerzy Kociatkiewicz
Experiential MarketingPanayiota Alevizou
Extinction accountingSanjay Lanka
Extraction sectorSharif Khalid
Factory workKirsty Newsome
Family businessNaoko Komori
Family supportive supervisor behavioursCiara Kelly
Fashion MarketingPanayiota Alevizou
Fashion MarketingRanis Cheng
Fashion marketing and the circular economyNavdeep Athwal
Financial crisisAdam Leaver
Financial disclosure using text analysisJiao Ji
Financial distressNeng Jiang
Financial intermediationJunhong Yang
FinancialisationKevin Burrows
FinancialisationStewart Smyth
Financialisation of careDiane Burns
FinancializationAdam Leaver
Firm behaviour under imperfect capital marketsJunhong Yang
Firm or company performanceAbbi Kedir
FlexicurityJason Heyes
FloodingMartina McGuinness
FollowershipAnna Topakas
Food systemsDavid Oglethorpe
ForecastingAndrew Brint
Foreign direct investmentAbbi Kedir
Foreign direct investment (FDI)Shuxing Yin
FormalitySarah Brooks
Freight fleet operator recognition schemesErica Ballantyne
Game theoryFrancesco Ciardiello
GenderNaoko Komori
GenderPenny Dick
Gender and creative labourMarta Herrero
Gender in accounting education or professionOlga Cam
Generally quantitative dissertations on international business or entrepreneurshipAbbi Kedir
GentrificationKevin Burrows
Global value Chains and labourKirsty Newsome
Governance case study on Tesla or SnapJonathan Jeffrey
Governance of alternative trade organisationsSanjay Lanka
Government funded or endorsed cultural spacesElizabeth Carnegie
Green BondsJonathan Jeffrey
Group behaviourDermot Breslin
HabitusNaoko Komori
Health and social care organisingDiane Burns
Health organisationsMalcolm Patterson
Healthcare (re) organisation - quality, teamwork, leadership, patient and public involvementRachael Finn
Healthcare managementJeremy Dawson
History - accounting/administrativeJim Haslam
Household accounting practicesNaoko Komori
Household saving and consumption decisionsJunhong Yang
Housing financeStewart Smyth
Housing marketAndrew Brint
Housing policyStewart Smyth
HR strategyAndrea Ward
Human factors/systems thinkingRose Shepherd
Human resource management in ChinaHuiping Xian
Human resources and innovation of Chinese firmsHuiping Xian
Hybrid organisationsAndreana Drencheva
Hybrid organisationsMaddy Powell
Hybrid organisationsSergej Ljubownikow
Hybrid organisingAndreana Drencheva
IdentityPenny Dick
Illegitimate work tasksCiara Kelly
ImaginationJohn Wilson
Impact of trade regulations on livelihoodsSanjay Lanka
Indexing of corporate performanceNeng Jiang
Industrial relations and the lawMichael Frize
InequalitiesPenny Dick
Informal economyColin Williams
Informal economyDavid Littlewood
Information goodsFrancesco Ciardiello
Information systems and managementShuyang Li
Informational interfacesElaine Toms
InnovationChay Brooks
InnovationKamal Birdi
InnovationNaoko Komori
InnovationTim Vorley
Innovation in social care systems and local provisionDiane Burns
Innovation processJonathan Linton
InnovationsJunhong Yang
Institutional abuse and mistreatmentDiane Burns
Institutional change and maintenancePenny Dick
Institutional theoryPenny Dick
Institutional theory applications into management accounting and risk managementMirna Jabbour
InstitutionsChay Brooks
InstitutionsTim Vorley
Institutions and political economySumon Bhaumik
Insurance and disaster Martina McGuinness
International decision-makingJunzhe Ji
International developmentEmanuela Girei
International marketingLien Monkhouse
International tradeAbbi Kedir
InternationalisationMarian Jones
Internationalisation of Chinese firmsJunzhe Ji
Internationalisation strategiesMelanie Hassett
Internet of thingsFrancesco Ciardiello
Interventionist researchJohn Cullen
JapanNaoko Komori
Job designCarolyn Axtell
Job qualityDragos Adascalitei
Job qualityKirsty Newsome
Knowledge ManagementJohn Wilson
Knowledge managementLenny Koh
Knowledge sharingKamal Birdi
Labour administrationJason Heyes
Labour inspectionJason Heyes
Labour marketsDragos Adascalitei
Labour marketsJason Heyes
Labour process theoryKirsty Newsome
Language and translationHuiping Xian
Leader developmentAnna Topakas
Leader humourAnna Topakas
Leader identityAnna Topakas
LeadershipAnna Topakas
LeadershipMalcolm Patterson
LeadershipStephen Allen
LeanAndrew Simpson
Lean accountingWael Hadid
Lean in service environmentsAndrew Simpson
Lean production (service)Wael Hadid
Lean Six SigmaSonal Choudhary
LearningJohn Wilson
LearningKamal Birdi
Learning and reflectionStephen Allen
Location models and problemsAndrea Genovese
LogisticsAntonino Sgalambro
Logistics Lenny Koh
Logistics and reverse logisticsJuliana Meira
Logistics workers and labour processKirsty Newsome
Low carbon supply chain innovationAndrea Genovese
Luxury fashion and sustainabilityPanayiota Alevizou
Luxury goodsLien Monkhouse
Luxury marketing and consumptionNavdeep Athwal
Management & LeadershipAndrea Ward
Management accounting and changeBill Lee
Management accounting in modern operational environmentsWael Hadid
Management and social changeEmanuela Girei
Management EducationAndrea Ward
Management of public leisure facilitesGeoff Nichols
Managing absencePauline Dibben
Managing diversityPauline Dibben
Manual workKirsty Newsome
Market efficiencyShuxing Yin
Market-based accountingTunyi Abongeh
Marketing to children Caroline Oates
Measurement and management of intangible assetsLei Chen
Media IndustriesClaire Burdfield
Media ManagementClaire Burdfield
MediationPaul Latreille
Melas eventsElizabeth Carnegie
Mergers & AcquisitionsTunyi Abongeh
Mergers and acquisitionsJunhong Yang
Mission-driven arts organisationsAndreana Drencheva
Mission-driven organisationsAndreana Drencheva
Multi-criteria decision making problemsAndrea Genovese
Multinational corporationsTim Vorley
Museums in Eastern and Central EuropeElizabeth Carnegie
Museums managementElizabeth Carnegie
Natural resource extractionDavid Littlewood
Natural resource management (water, land)Sonal Choudhary
Network designAntonino Sgalambro
New venturesMarian Jones
Non-governmental organisations and sustainabilityPanayiota Alevizou
Nonprofit organisationsSergej Ljubownikow
NostalgiaChris Stride
Occupational psychologyKamal Birdi
On-line reviews/EWOMFraser Mcleay
Online auctions Andrew Brint
Open book accountingRichard Bruce
Operations managementAndrew Simpson
Operations managementMike Simpson
Operations researchAntonino Sgalambro
Operations strategyAndrew Simpson
OptimisationAndrew Brint
OptimisationAntonino Sgalambro
Oral historyNaoko Komori
Organisational adaptationDermot Breslin
Organisational ambidexterityDermot Breslin
Organisational changeMalcolm Patterson
Organisational changeTim Vorley
Organisational climateMalcolm Patterson
Organisational co-evolutionDermot Breslin
Organisational communicationSarah Brooks
Organisational cultureMalcolm Patterson
Organisational culture and changeDiane Burns
Organisational interventionsKarina Nielsen
Organisational learningKamal Birdi
Organisational routinesDermot Breslin
Organisational safetyRose Shepherd
Organisational sociologyAdam Leaver
OrganisationsAndrea Ward
Organisations of the common goodJerzy Kociatkiewicz
Organising historyJerzy Kociatkiewicz
Organization theoryPenny Dick
Ownership, organisational structure and corporate governanceSumon Bhaumik
Participatory organisational research methodologiesDiane Burns
Patient careMalcolm Patterson
PedagogyPaul Latreille
People and Organisation DevelopmentAndrea Ward
Perceived positive work impactAndreana Drencheva
PerfectionismChris Stride
Performance appraisalPauline Dibben
Performance managementJuliana Meira
Performance measurementJohn Brierley
Performance measurement Jo Padmore
Performance related payPauline Dibben
PhilanthropyChay Brooks
PhilanthropyMarta Herrero
Police studiesPenny Dick
PolicingKamal Birdi
Policy and practiceTim Vorley
Political economy of financial servicesAdam Leaver
Political violence and commerce  Martina McGuinness
Portfolio analysisTunyi Abongeh
Portfolio managementJonathan Linton
Post-industrial museumElizabeth Carnegie
Post-socialist societiesSergej Ljubownikow
Post-socialist societyColin Williams
Power and politicsPenny Dick
Precarious workKirsty Newsome
Price prediction Andrew Brint
Pro- and anti-social employee behavioursMalcolm Patterson
Production planning and control (MRP, MRPII, ERP, ERPII)Lenny Koh
Professional development in accounting and financeOlga Cam
Profitability dynamics in emerging marketsNeng Jiang
Project performanceChantal Cantarelli
PropertyKevin Burrows
Property developersKevin Burrows
Property InvestmentKevin Burrows
Prosocial motivationAndreana Drencheva
Psychological well-beingMalcolm Patterson
Public accountabilityElizabeth Carnegie
Public accountabilityJim Haslam
Public accountabilityStewart Smyth
Public managementMaddy Powell
Public policyColin Williams
Public private partnerships (PPPs)Chantal Cantarelli
Public sector accounting and new public managementBill Lee
Public sector effectivenessChantal Cantarelli
Public sector research establishmentsTim Vorley
Public service delivery and organisationDiane Burns
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)Stewart Smyth
Qualitative methodsAlex Wright
Qualitative researchRose Shepherd
Qualitative research methodsBill Lee
Qualitative research methodsDiane Burns
Qualitative research methodsHuiping Xian
Qualitative research methodsMarian Jones
Qualitative research methodsPanayiota Alevizou
Quantitative research methodsJo Padmore
Quantitative research methodsLien Monkhouse
Quantitative research methods and statisticsJeremy Dawson
Real EstateKevin Burrows
Real optionsJonathan Linton
ReflexivityNaoko Komori
Regional developmentChay Brooks
Regional developmentColin Williams
Regional economic eevelopmentTim Vorley
Regional economyColin Williams
Relationship marketingMaddy Powell
Religious identityElizabeth Carnegie
Representation of peoples and culturesElizabeth Carnegie
Research practiceBill Lee
ResilienceMartina McGuinness
ResilienceSonal Choudhary
ResistanceEmanuela Girei
Resistance, power and identityStephen Allen
Responsible investmentSharif Khalid
Restructuring and well-beingKarina Nielsen
Retail marketingPanayiota Alevizou
Retail returnsErica Ballantyne
Return-to-workKarina Nielsen
Reverse logisticsErica Ballantyne
Reverse logisticsJohn Cullen
Risk governanceMartina McGuinness
Risk ManagementJonathan Jeffrey
RoutinesAlex Wright
Scale development and psychometricsJeremy Dawson
Selection and assessmentLaura Dean
Self-employmentAndreana Drencheva
Sensory marketingPanayiota Alevizou
Services marketingMaddy Powell
ServicescapePanayiota Alevizou
SilenceSarah Brooks
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Jo Padmore
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Mike Simpson
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and business continuityMartina McGuinness
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sustainabilityPanayiota Alevizou
Smart metersAndrew Brint
SME (small & medium-sized enterprises)Robert Wapshott
SME deviant behavioursJunzhe Ji
SME internationalisationMelanie Hassett
SME marketingRanis Cheng
SMEsAbbi Kedir
Social accountingBill Lee
Social accountingFrank Birkin
Social accountingSanjay Lanka
Social accountingStewart Smyth
Social and environmental accountingJim Haslam
Social business behaviourSergej Ljubownikow
Social care workforce and labour arrangementsDiane Burns
Social enterpriseAndreana Drencheva
Social enterpriseMaddy Powell
Social enterprisesSergej Ljubownikow
Social entrepreneurAndreana Drencheva
Social entrepreneurshipAndreana Drencheva
Social entrepreneurshipDavid Littlewood
Social housing financeStewart Smyth
Social innovationDavid Littlewood
Social media marketingYichuan Wang
Social movements and accountingStewart Smyth
Socio-cultural contextNaoko Komori
Southern NGOs and social movementsEmanuela Girei
Spatial interaction theoryAndrea Genovese
SponsorshipMarta Herrero
SportJohn Wilson
Sports organisationsMalcolm Patterson
Stakeholder engagementSharif Khalid
State owned enterprises (SOEs) and corporate governance in ChinaNeng Jiang
Statistical methods in managementJeremy Dawson
Strategic managementSergej Ljubownikow
Strategic marketingVasilios Theoharakis
StrategyAlex Wright
StrategyJohn Wilson
StrikesDragos Adascalitei
Sub-Saharan AfricaDavid Littlewood
Supply chain accountingJohn Cullen
Supply chain accountingJuliana Meira
Supply chain accountingRichard Bruce
Supply chain contractsAndrew Brint
Supply chain decision support toolsAndrea Genovese
Supply chain managementJohn Cullen
Supply chain managementLenny Koh
Supply chain managementMike Simpson
Supply chain managementSonal Choudhary
Supply chain managementErica Ballantyne
Supply chains and employmentKirsty Newsome
Supply chains and logistics globallyRichard Bruce
SustainabilitySonal Choudhary
SustainabilityStephen Allen
SustainabilityWael Hadid
Sustainability accountingFrank Birkin
Sustainability accounting and accountabilityAtaur Belal
Sustainability claims and certificationsPanayiota Alevizou
Sustainability in accountingOlga Cam
Sustainability in services and retailPanayiota Alevizou
Sustainability labellingPanayiota Alevizou
Sustainability marketingCaroline Oates
Sustainability marketingMaddy Powell
Sustainability marketingPanayiota Alevizou
Sustainable careersCiara Kelly
Sustainable citiesPanayiota Alevizou
Sustainable EntrepreneurshipRanis Cheng
Sustainable fashionPanayiota Alevizou
Sustainable FashionRanis Cheng
Sustainable freight transportErica Ballantyne
Sustainable land useDavid Oglethorpe
Sustainable livelihoods in food systemsSanjay Lanka
Sustainable marketing and consumptionNavdeep Athwal
Sustainable tourism managementHossein Olya
Sustainable versus Hedonic ConsumptionFraser Mcleay
Takeover predictionTunyi Abongeh
TaxationLynda Burkinshaw
Team-workingJeremy Dawson
TeamworkingAnna Topakas
Technology in the workplaceRose Shepherd
The dark side of social mediaFraser Mcleay
Theatre management and industryDaragh O'Reilly
Trade unionsDragos Adascalitei
Trade unionsPauline Dibben
TrainingJohn Wilson
TrainingKamal Birdi
TrainingPaul Latreille
Training & DevelopmentAndrea Ward
Training transferKarina Nielsen
Transformational leadership and well-beingKarina Nielsen
Transistion and emerging economy contextsSergej Ljubownikow
TranslationNaoko Komori
TransparencySharif Khalid
Transport and technologyErica Ballantyne
Transport planningErica Ballantyne
Triple top approachOlga Cam
UK and EU social policyJason Heyes
Uncertainty modelling and managementLenny Koh
Undeclared workColin Williams
Under-employmentJason Heyes
UniversitiesNaoko Komori
UniversitiesTim Vorley
Urban freight/city logisticsErica Ballantyne
Urban metabolismSonal Choudhary
Uses of historic past in the political presentElizabeth Carnegie
Value chain analysisSanjay Lanka
Varieties of capitalismJason Heyes
Virtual/teleworkCarolyn Axtell
Visitors and engagement at cultural sitesElizabeth Carnegie
Visual cultureMarta Herrero
Voice and silenceSarah Brooks
Voluntary sectorColin Williams
Volunteers in sportGeoff Nichols
Water resourcesDavid Oglethorpe
Women and accountingNaoko Komori
Women's careersHuiping Xian
Work conditionsMalcolm Patterson
Work designMalcolm Patterson
Work designRose Shepherd
Work intensificationKirsty Newsome
Work psychologyKamal Birdi
Work-family balanceKristin Hildenbrand
Work-life balanceCiara Kelly
Work-life balanceHuiping Xian
Work-life balanceKristin Hildenbrand
Workgroup diversity and faultlinesJeremy Dawson
Working carersJason Heyes
Working-timeKirsty Newsome
Workplace conflictPaul Latreille
Workplace learning initiativesBill Lee
Workplace managementPaul Latreille