June 27, 2014

Human Resource Management - Review Articles

Human Resource Management Revision Articles Series

Review articles are mainly based on the textbook:
Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach (SIE), 4/e
Copyright year: 2007

H. John Bernardin, Florida Atlantic University

Google books page for the book. Preview and search facility are available


Table of Contents and Revision Articles

Human Resource Management Revision Articles for Chapters

PART I - Human Resource Management and the Environment

Strategic Human Resource Management in a Changing Environment
The Role of Globalization in HR Policy and Practice - Review notes updated 10.1.2012
The Legal Environment of HRM: Equal Employment Opportunity - Review Notes

PART II - Acquiring Human Resource Capability

Work Analysis and Design - Review Notes
Human Resource Planning and Recruitment - Review Notes
Personnel Selection - Review Notes

PART III - Developing Human Resource Capability

Performance Management and Appraisal - Review Notes
Training and Development - Review Notes
Career Development - Review Notes

PART IV - Compensating and Managing Human Resources

Compensation: Base Pay and Fringe Benefits - Review Notes
Pay for Performance - Review Notes
Managing the Employment Relationship - Review Notes
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining - Review Notes
Employee Health and Safety - Review Notes

Full Chapters of the Book Human Resource Management Online Book by Laura Dias

Research in Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management Research Propositions

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