June 7, 2014

MBA Revision Notes - Management Knowledge/Theory Revision Notes

This blog, Management Theory Review (MTR) will contain articles that help in management knowledge revision by MBA students as well as professionals. The articles were already written on Google's Knol platform and they are being reposted here as Knol is being discontinued as a product by Google.

Thanks to the support given by Knol team, this blog is reaching the cumulative one million page milestone.

MBA Knowledge Revision Schedule

January  - February  - March  - April  - May   -   June

July       - August     - September  - October - November  - December

January  - Operations Management - Supply Chain Management
February  - Financial Accounting - Cost Accounting
March - Organizational Behavior - Marketing Management
April  - Marketing Management - Engineering Economics
May    Selling Skills -   Marketing Management
June  - Marketing Management - Industrial Engineering

July  - Organizational Behavior  - Principles of Management
August - Principles of Management - Business and Managerial Ethics - Economics
September - Economics - Engineering Economics - Human Resource Management
October - HRM - Management Accounting
November - Strategic Management - Financial Management
December - Managerial Economics - Operations Management

To be added - Financial Management, Strategic Management,


The first post in this blog posted on 23 November 2011. The blog was started to transfer my articles on Google Knol platform to this blog as Google has announced the closure of the Knol platform.

Updated on 6 June 2014

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