January 2, 2018

MBA Core Management Knowledge - One Year Revision Schedule


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The blog contains articles on all management subjects developed using the most popular book on the subject. You can read articles on the sybject of your choice or use the following schedule.

One Year MBA Knowledge Revision Plan

Revision Schedule

Current Month -  January  - Revision for the Year starts on 15 January 2018  

Plan for Each Month

January  -  February  - March  -        April  -     May   -          June

July       -   August     - September  - October  - November  - December

Subject Details of Each Month

January  (Principles of Management)
February (P.of M & Marketing Management from 23 Feb 2015 )

March (Mktg. Mgmt. & Operations Management from 17 March 2015)
April  (Supply Chain Management and Financial & Cost Accounting)

May  (Management Accounting & Organizational Behavior)
June (Innovation, Industrial Engineering and Economics)

July  (Economics, Engineering Economics, & Managerial Ethics)
August    (Statistics, Quality and Six Sigma, OR & BRM)

September (HRM, Mentoring, Training, Maintenance, Energy & Environment Management)  -  October  (Information Technology and Management Information Systems, Logistics - Warehousing and Transport)

November (Strategic Management & Financial Management)
December (Business Laws, Negotiation, Taxes and Government Relations)

Subject                                               Revision Period

Principles of Management                15 January   to   19 February

Marketing Management                    22 February to   16 March

Operations Management                   17 March     to    2 April

Supply Chain Management                 3 April       to  15 April

Financial & Cost Accounting            16 April       to  12 May

Articles Written for  April A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017 

Theme - Top Management Challenges.

Article 1: Awareness of Environment

Updated 4 January 2018,  1 April 2017.  22 February 2017,  10 December 2015


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