July 7, 2016

July - Management Knowledge Revision

July  (Economics, Engineering Economics, & Managerial Ethics)

1st Week  ( 1 to 5 July)

Economic Theory of Production and Production Cost
Economic Analysis of Different Competitive Conditions.

Wages and the Labor Market - Samuelson and Nordhaus 

Capital, Interest and Profits - Review Notes
Markets and Economic Efficiency - Review Notes

Economic Role of Government and Its Expenditure an...
Economic Analysis of Poverty and Equity

Alternative Economic Systems - Review Notes
Theory of Economic Growth

2nd week  ( 8 to 12 July)

International Trade Theory and Issues
Exchange Rates: Markets Regulation and International Financial System

Supply Behavior/Decisions of Firm in Competitive Markets
Introduction to Engineering Economics

Engineering Economy or Engineering Economics: Economic Decision Making by Engineers
Time Value of Money - Time Value of Money Calculations

Cash Flow Estimation for Expenditure Proposals
Required Rate of Return - Cost of Capital  - Required Rate of Return for Investment or Expenditure Proposal..

Depreciation and Other Related Issues
NPV - IRR and Other Summary Project Assessment Measures

3rd week  (15 to 19 July)

Income Expansion Projects
Cost Reduction Projects

Replacement Decisons
Expected Values and Risk of Project Revenues and Costs

Present-Worth Comparisons
Rate-of-Return Calculations

18 July

Equivalent Annual-Worth Comparisons
Replacement Analysis

Replacement Problem - Engineering Economy Analysis...
Machine Selection Problem for an Engineer - Engine...

4th week

Depreciation and Income Tax Considerations
Sensitivity Analysis

Structural Analysis of Alternatives
Engineering Economic Analysis - Subject Update - Recent Case Studies

Business Ethics Revision Starts

Business Ethics – Introduction
Moral Standards and Moral Judgments – Approaches

Business System - Free Markets - Ethics
Ethics in the Market Place and Distribution System

Ethics in the Factory
Ethics in the Supply Chain

To August - Management Knowledge Revision

Industrial Engineers support Engineers and Managers in Efficiency Improvement of Products, Processes and Systems

One Year MBA Knowledge Revision Plan

January  - February  - March  - April  - May   -   June

July  - August     - September  - October  - November  - December

Updated 10 July 2016

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