November 1, 2016

November - Management Knowledge Revision

November (Strategic Management & Financial Management)

Strategic Management

First week

What is Strategy - Review Notes
The Strategic Management Process - Review Notes

Analysis of Firm's External Environment for Strategy Making

Financial Management

An Overview of Financial Management - Introduction to Financial Management of Companies
Financial Markets and Institutions

Financial Statements and Taxes
Financial Statement Analysis for Financial Decision Making

Time Value of Money
Determination of Interest Rates in Financial Markets

Bond Valuation
Risk and Rates of Return on Financial Assets

Third Week

Valuation of Common Stock and Preferred Stock
Cost of Equity and Debt Capital

Capital Assets - Projects - Proposals Appraisal
Capital Budgeting and Risk Analysis of Projects

Capital Structure and Leverage
Dividend Policy

Working Capital Management
Financial Management of Inventory

Management of Investment in Accounts Receivable
Management of Cash and Marketable Securities

Fourth Week

Long Term Finance for Companies - USA
Financial Management Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

Role of Finance Managers in Enterprise Risk Management
International Finance and Financial Management in Multinational Company

December Revision Plan

Industrial Engineers support Engineers and Managers in Efficiency Improvement of Products, Processes and Systems

One Year MBA Knowledge Revision Plan

January  - February  - March  - April  - May   -   June

July  - August     - September  - October  - November  - December

Updated  2 November 2016,  28 November 2016

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