November 30, 2017

Manufacturing Sector - Business and Management Issues and Trends

September 2017

The McKinsey Global Institute finds that the United States could boost annual manufacturing value added by up to $530 billion (20 percent) over current trends by 2025.

By 2025, consumption in emerging markets will hit $30 trillion.

Industry 4.0, is driven by developments in data aquisition, storage and analytics,  machine learning, new forms of human–machine interaction (such as touch interfaces and augmented-reality systems), and the ability to transmit digital instructions to the physical world. In combination, the technologies can run smart, cost-efficient, and automated plants that produce large volumes—or, conversely, plants that turn out highly customized products.

November 28, 2017

Business Model Innovation

Managerial Opportunity Recognition in Business Model Innovation

Marijan Topic
GRIN Verlag, 06-Nov-2017 - Business & Economics - 159 pages

Master's Thesis from the year 2017 Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

The goal of this Master’s thesis is to examine the relationship between managerial Opportunity Recognition (OR) and business model innovations (BMIs) in established organizations. In order to meet the complexity of the topic, this thesis is focused on factors that hinder or help managers in recognizing business opportunities. Focusing on incumbent firms, this paper conducts further research to identify the main influencing factors, including challenges, vulnerabilities, and obstacles. The thesis is divided into six parts, starting with a brief description of the research topic, including the problem position and objective.

Second, a literature review is conducted to summarize the state of research, including theoretical foundations. The results are then synthesized into a summary

The third part of the thesis consists of expert interviews. Derived from the literature review, a guideline for interviews is developed to treat the research gaps in an appropriate way and to meet the complexity of the task setting. The explorative survey aims to identify the challenges and drivers of managerial OR in BMI and to identify approaches that have not yet been addressed in scientific literature to a significant extent.

The core of the analysis is the splitting of the BM into the elements value proposition, value creation, and value capture. This ensures that all the facets of a company ́s BM are accurately addressed and form the basis for high-quality results.

40 Principles for Business Model Innovation

The 40 principles for innovation, based on TRIZ adjusted for business problems, is the result of an analysis of close to three million successful inventive solutions from areas such as science, arts, politics.