April 3, 2017

Brain Stilling - Brain Storming for Effective Decisions

Brain stilling is allowing unconscious mind to work on the problem. The unconscious mind provides intuitive solutions. Brain stilling is also used to understand the others' viewpoint with full concentration on the description provided. Ability to suspend judgment till the other person presents his view completely is important. Top managers need to cultivate the ability to combine intelligences of many people. Spirituality scholars with focus on management even talk of utilizing the universal intelligence in decision making.

Brain storming is a group creativity enhancing technique. In this technique, the members of the group are provided continuous stimulation in the form of ideas presented by others. Some of these ideas may provide the stimulus to bring forth new ideas. Every idea is recorded without any evaluation to encourage further participation by others. Top managers will get the benefit of conscious effort by many in the organization by holding brain storming sessions. The brain storming sessions can be followed by individual suggestions that are communicated after providing more time for external search and individual thinking. There is scope for intuitive suggestions also when time is provided to many for thinking.

After brain storming, some time can be given for brain stilling to allow time for the unconscious to bring out from the depths of one mind and brain some thing interesting that is of use to solve the problem under investigation.

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