April 30, 2017

Zeal - Earnestness to Serve and Survive

There is a company that includes ZEAL in its values statement or philosophy.

Management Philosophy of  SHIMZU Corporation



We create structures and facilities around the world that offer superior quality and promote social and cultural values that are in harmony with the environment, all the while working to protect the environment and contribute to culture.


We cultivate a workplace environment in which employees can work in comfort and with a sense of purpose and motivation.


We tirelessly work to advance corporate growth through business expansion, sales activities, research and development, and business and management innovations, with management and employees alike tackling their duties in a fresh and creative manner.

We keep the fundamentals in mind to meet customer needs in a timely manner, thus enabling us to earn fair returns.


We undertake each of our tasks with great focus and passion.

Leadership and Zeal

Leadership has been argued to be the prime determinant of growth or decline of an enterprise not only in terms of hard financial figures but also in terms of character, values, and zeal.

It is only when the top management displays the zeal to serve the customer that all employees in the company work with zeal. Business organization's purpose is the service to customers. With what passion, interest and intensity the organization serves its customer is affected by its zeal.  Earnestness to serve increases the chances of survival of the organization and provides it a foundation to grow profitably.

The founders of successful startups are at war against the industry leaders on behalf of underserved customers. The founders identify underserved customers and focus their efforts on serving them well and thereby make their startups survive or succeed. But do top managers that succeed founders have the same focus. Read an HBR article on the issue.

Keeping the Zeal of a Startup as You Scale
James Allen, HBR, JULY  2016

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  1. I have come to value passion in kids--that they are zealous about whatever it is that has their imagination. Too often, they are ambivalent about everything which won't help them in life.

    Good word.