February 25, 2019

A to Z: Top Management Challenge Areas

A to Z: Top Management Challenge Areas

2017 Blogging Challenge Articles with the Theme: Top Management Challenge Areas

All the issues are relevant in the current times. So, the services offered by top consultancy organizations in these areas are specially highlighted.

1. Awareness of Environment

2. Brand Equity - The NPV of Marketing Investment
    Brain Stilling - Brain Storming for Effective Decisions

3. Culture Change Management

4. Deal Making and Negotiation

5. Energizing the Organization

6. Fortification of the Brand

7. Goal Alignment and Employee Involvement

8. Health of Organization

9. Innovation for Growth - Revenues, Profits, Potential Market, Knowledge Capital

10. Job Redesign for Effectiveness, Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction

11. Knowledge Management

12. Liquidity, Solvency and Profitability - The Finance Challenge

13. Manufacturing/Production Management - Production of Goods and Services

14. No Waste Philosophy - Industrial Engineering and Work Simplification

15. Organizing Resources and Acquiring Them - The Supply Chain

16. Productivity Management

17. Quality Management

18. Redesign - Design Iterations

19. Supply Chain Analytics

20. Technology Management and Innovation

21. Utility - Value to Customer

22. Values Statement of the Organization

23. Wandering to Manage - Shop Floor and Office - Observe the Action to Plan and Control

24. Xerophilous Organization - Surviving the Business Cycles

25. Youthful Organization

26. Zeal - Earnestness to Serve and Survive

My Important Project Using The Articles in This Blog

MBA Core Management Knowledge - One Year Revision Schedule

A to Z: Management -  Blog Posts by Narayana Rao (Earlier Year Challenges and Regular Blogging)

Letter "A"

1. Adoption of New Products and Processes
2. April - Management Knowledge Revision
3. Advertising

 Letter "B"

Brand Building Update 2015

Business Firm and Society - The External Environment, Social Responsibility and Ethics - Review Notes
Business Conceptualization - Management Insights from Economics, Engineering Economics, Managerial Economics, Industrial Economics

Letter "C"  -

Culture Change Management Process

Channels of Distribution
Letter "D" -

Distribution Warehouse

Discount Policy

 Letter "E"-

Efficiency Improvement - Need and Role of Industrial Engineering

 "F" -

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

 Letter "G" -

Goal Setting for MBO

Letter "H" -

Human Resource Training - Role of Indicated Reading Lists

 Letter "I" -

Innovation Marketing

 Letter "J" -

Job Design

Job Satisfaction

 Letter "K" -

Knowledge Management Software Packages

Knowledge Management
Letter "L" -

Location of Production Facilities

Leadership Development
Letter "M" -

Market Orientation

Make in India Campaign - Industry Sectors Information

Letter "N" -

Needs and Wants - Marketing Concepts

New Products
Letter "O"

Organizational Sociology


Letter "P"

Product Development


Letter "Q"

Quantitative Thinking for Management


 Letter "R"  -

Relaxation During Work Day - Recovering from Fatigue


Letter "S" -

Six Sigma - Zero Defect Movement Systematized


Letter "T"  -

The Role of Theory in Practice of Engineering and Management


Letter "U"  -

Understanding Marketing Productivity


Letter "V" -

Value Engineering - Recent Developments


Letter "W" -

Work-Methods Science

Waste Elimination

Letter "X"  -

X Reminds me of Theory X

Letter "Y" -

Y Reminds me of Theory Y

Letter "Z"  -

Z Reminds me of Theory Z

A to Z - 2015 Challenge

A to Z: 2015 Blogging Challenge - Index for Management Articles by Professor Narayana Rao

To Know More About A to Z Blogging Challenge

Recent Development - Year Update

A - Advertising

B - Branding

C - Channel Management

D - Distribution

E - Effectiveness Improvement

F - Financial Management

G - Goal Setting

H - Human Resource Management

I - Industrial Engineering

J - Job Design

K - Knowledge Management

L - Logistics Management

M - Manufacturing Management

N - New Product and Service Marketing

O - Organizational Behavior

P - Productivity Science, Engineering and Management

Q - Quantitative Techniques

R - Retail Sales

S - Supply Chain Management

T - Training and Development

U - Understanding the Business Environment Change

V - Value Engineering/Product Industrial Engineering

W - World Class Business and Manufacturing

X -

Y - Youth Participation in Production and Consumption

Z -

Reading started in year 2018

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