April 23, 2015

Understanding Marketing Productivity

I proposed a framework for application of industrial engineering: technical processes, business processes and management processes.

The first and major focus of industrial engineering is engineering activity. It is only after their success in improving productivity of engineering activities and processes that industrial engineers develop the basic understanding to study and improve business processes and management processes.

Marketing is a business process in contrast to production or operations process and there is management activity related to it which called marketing management.

Management is processes consisting of functions planning, organizing, staffing (resourcing), directing (executing) and control.

Marketing has activities like market research, marketing communications, sales and customer service.

Every activity in organizations has to be productive. Productive means it has to be effective and efficient. It has to deliver what it was supposed to deliver. It has to use as less resources as possible. Marketing activity also has to be productive.

Kotler emphasized marketing productivity right from the first edition of his text book. The emphasis gets more prominence in the recent editions (14th edition)

Some of the aspects of marketing productivity covered by Kotler.

Efficiency Control

The company has to examine the question.
Are there more efficient ways to manage the sales force, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution?

Some companies have established marketeting efficiency officers in controller's department.

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