April 11, 2015

Supply Chain Management Update - 2014

Supply Chain Management - Subject Update 2015


Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct with Guidelines
ISM Booklet
Material may be copied and used with permission with credit given to ISM.


26 June
Insights from the 2014 Gartner Supply Chain Study

19 June
The Strategic Advantage of Supplier Engagement


Managing Unpredictable Supply Chain Disruptions
Simchi Levi et al, Harvard Business Review, Jan - Feb 2014

Gurus' Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2014
Growth of Natural gas fleets
Increase in warehouse robots
The rise of omni channel courier companies
More easy to use supply chain software
Completion of Panama Canal widening project by 2015


MIT Forum for Supply Innovation and PWC released a report on Supply Chain Risk Management Practices.

Download the report from

Nissan's actions after 11, March 2011 9.0 magnitude earth quake in Japan were highlighted as an exemplar case study in risk management or disaster recovery project in the report.

5 Supply Chain Trend Predictions for 2013

Overarching Theme for 2013: This will be the Year of the Network

Stanford Professor Hau Lee says that competition is supply chain versus supply chain.

some interesting supply chain trends that we here at E2open see on the horizon for 2013:

Fast Data Will Become the New Big Data
The “Social Supply Chain” Will Transform the Way We Work
Supply Chain Control Towers Will Transition From Concept to Adoption
Dynamic Cost Will Transform Decision Making
Risk Management Will Move from Static to Dynamic


Supply Chain Management - Review and Revision Notes 

Chapter Summaries based on Chopra and Meindl's Book

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