April 6, 2015

Training Master for Each Job in the Company

The idea is based on the "Training Matrix"reported in the "Sampark", Hazira Learning Center News somewhere in 1997 or so.

It is a document made for a particular position containing information on:

1. C-1  The job functions or steps of operations (SOs) for the position.  - What needs to be done in the job?

2. C-2  Knowledge required to perform C-1.
3. C-3Skills and Abilities required to perform C-1
4. C-4 Tools and Resources available to perform C-1
5. C-5 The training methodology and programmes available to acquire c-2 and c-3

The above may be restated; For every job there are principles, methods and tools.

The persons in the must have knowledge of these, must have good understanding and must have the experience of using the tools to complete a method effectively and efficiently.

Hence inhouse and outside training programs that are useful for job are to be identified and added to this document by a training officer on a periodic basis. At the time of taking training decisions for each individual, this document is made use of a specific current training program either inhouse or outside is chosen and recommended to the candidate, his superior and a training manager. The final decision is taken to the satisfaction of these three persons.

For an individual his training record and competence record is maintained.

For each job also, the persons who occupied the job and training given to them are recorded for future reference purposes.

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