April 23, 2015

The Role of Theory in Practice of Engineering and Management

Theory provides the relationship between input variable and output variable. Normally the interest is in output variable to start with. We want the output variable or do not want it. If we know the input variable which is going to cause the output variable, we may be able to increase the input variable and thus get the desired output variable. But how do we know which is the input variable. Theory development which is called research observes the phenomena of interest and identifies the input and output variables. The input variables can be more than one. After a theory brings out the input variables and output variables, the job of engineering to create a convenient way of creating input variables and also create convenient way of generating output. Engineering depends on scientific theory, but is an independent exercise of creativity and judgment to invent devices like air conditioners which are today available in various sizes and can be mounted on wall, ceilings etc.

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