April 12, 2017

Job Redesign for Effectiveness, Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction

Scott A Snell and George W. Bohlander suggested a good model for job design to be implemented by HR people.

The model has four elements.

Organization objectives for the job.

Industrial engineering considerations - Efficiency and productivity

Ergonomic considerations - comfort, safety and health

Behavioral considerations that influence job satisfaction


Managing Human Resources by  Scott A Snell and George W. Bohlander,  16th edition, 2012, Pp.157-58

Job Design - Importance - PWC

Job design is an important activity and top consultants are offering the consultancy service in it currently. Any service being offered by top consultant is one which is important for the managements in the current time.

Job design is an important element of work design and includes the types of tasks required, how tasks are completed, and the level and variation in knowledge and skills required. Good job design facilitates thriving by enabling the employee to grow, become more confident, competent and seek further challenge. It is critical for employee mental health and performance that job design moves away from streamlining tasks for perceived efficiency and toward a model of creating jobs that cultivate development, motivation, empowerment and engagement.

Job design can be used to provide employees with resources. For example, autonomy is a type of resource which enables employees control over their work. There is a wealth of evidence to
show that employees who have greater autonomy are more proactive, creative and committed to the organisation. Thriving can also be enhanced when employees perceive the job to be important, have low amounts of repetition, and optimised levels of challenge and complexity.

PWC Report: The opportunity to thrive - December 2015

The above passage is focusing on the behavioral aspects of the job.

By: GRANT, ADAM M. Academy of Management Review. Apr2007, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p393-417.

Interdisciplinary approaches to job design: A constructive replication with extensions.
MA Campion - Journal of Applied Psychology, 1988

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