March 21, 2016

A to Z: 2015 Blogging Challenge - Index of Blog Posts by Professor Narayana Rao

I am once again participating in the challenge

A to Z 2016 Challenge Posts - in April 2016

A to Z: 2015 Challenge -  Blog Posts by Narayana Rao

Week One:

April 01, Wednesday - Letter "A"

1. Adoption of New Products and Processes
2. April - Management Knowledge Revision

April 02, Thursday - Letter "B"

Brand Building Update 2015

Business Firm and Society - The External Environment, Social Responsibility and Ethics - Review Notes
Business Conceptualization - Management Insights from Economics, Engineering Economics, Managerial Economics, Industrial Economics

April 03, Friday - Letter "C"  -

Culture Change Management Process

April 04, Saturday - Letter "D" -

Distribution Warehouse

Week Two:

April 05, Sunday – BREAK

April 06, Monday - Letter "E"-

Efficiency Improvement - Need and Role of Industrial Engineering

April 07, Tuesday - Letter "F" -

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

April 08, Wednesday - Letter "G" -

Goal Setting for MBO

April 09, Thursday - Letter "H" -

Human Resource Training - Role of Indicated Reading Lists

April 10, Friday - Letter "I" -

Innovation Marketing

April 11, Saturday - Letter "J" -

Job Design

Week Three:

April 12, Sunday - BREAK

April 13, Monday - Letter "K" -

Knowledge Management Software Packages

April 14, Tuesday - Letter "L" -

Location of Production Facilities

April 15, Wednesday - Letter "M" -

Market Orientation

Make in India Campaign - Industry Sectors Information

April 16, Thursday - Letter "N" -

Needs and Wants - Marketing Concepts

April 17, Friday - Letter "O"

Organizational Sociology

April 18, Saturday - Letter "P"

Product Development

Week Four:

April 19, Sunday – BREAK

April 20, Monday - Letter "Q"

Quantitative Thinking for Management

April 21, Tuesday - Letter "R"  -

Relaxation During Work Day - Recovering from Fatigue

April 22, Wednesday - Letter "S" -

Six Sigma - Zero Defect Movement Systematized

April 23, Thursday - Letter "T"  -

The Role of Theory in Practice of Engineering and Management

April 24, Friday - Letter "U"  -

Understanding Marketing Productivity

April 25, Saturday - Letter "V" -

Value Engineering - Recent Developments

Week Five:

April 26, Sunday - BREAK

April 27, Monday - Letter "W" -

Work-Methods Science

April 28, Tuesday - Letter "X"  -

X Reminds me of Theory X

April 29, Wednesday - Letter "Y" -

Y Reminds me of Theory Y

April 30, Thursday - Letter "Z"  -

Z Reminds me of Theory Z

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  1. Hi Raogaaru,
    This is wonderful
    Amazing to see you at a to z pages
    Keep going
    All good wishes

  2. Organized and ambitious. Enjoy A-Z Challenge :)

  3. Oh this is Anks from btw :)

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  5. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again!