March 24, 2016

Key Skill Requirements/Competencies for IoT Projects

Key Success Factors for IoT Initiatives
The department or function responsible is also indicated.

1 Identifying and pursuing new business and revenue opportunities -  Strategic

2 Getting managers and staff to change the way they think about customers, products, and processes based on new insights about how they’re are using company products - Company, Culture

3 Determining what data to capture from the IoT Strategic

4 Having top management that believes the IoT could have a major impact on business and is willing to invest today in it - Company, Culture

5 Skilled business analysts who know how to understand what IoT data is is revealing
about company products in the field, the factory, the supply chain, and so on - Skills
6 Being able to gather, process, and analyze huge amounts of digital data and/or Big Data - Technology
7 Accelerating key decisions on the company's products, customers, and how to serve them - Company, Culture

8 Skilled technologists who can develop and integrate IoT technologies into company products and processes

9 Making rapid adjustments to products and processes based on what IoT data indicates - Business,

10 Determining what technologies to develop internally or externally  - Technology

11 Determining what types of IoT data will have the greatest impact on business -  Strategic

12 Integrating IoT data into enterprise systems  - Technology

13 Getting IoT technologies to operate reliably in the field - Technology

14 Making large changes in the marketing, sales, and service processes  - Business, Process

15 Getting product and functional managers to act on customer usage trend data Organizational

16 Having a group analyze IoT data to understand how customers are using company products -

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