March 11, 2016

Operations Management Revision Articles with Links

March 3 week  (15 to 18 of 2016)

Introduction to the Field of Operations Management

Operations Strategy and Competitiveness - Review Notes

Optimizing the Use of Resources with Linear Programming:
Learning Curves - Review Notes:

Operations Project Management:
Product Design - Review Notes:

Process Analysis - Operations Management:
Manufacturing Process Selection and Design:

March 4 Week  (21 to 25 of 2016)

Facility Layout - Review Notes:
Product Design and Process Selection—Services:

Total Quality Management: and Six Sigma:
Process Capability and Statistical Quality Control:
Operations Consulting and Reengineering:

Supply-Chain Strategy - Review Notes:
Strategic Capacity Management:

Just-in-Time and Lean Systems - Review Notes:
Forecasting - Operations Management Review Notes:

Aggregate Sales and Operations Planning - Review Notes:
Inventory Control - Review Notes for Chase et al.:

April 1st Week

Material Requirements Planning - Review Notes:
Operations Scheduling - Review Notes:

Financial Analysis - Review Notes:
Operations Technology - Review Notes:

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