March 17, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility Department's Objectives and Goals

 The CSR manager, by engaging with key stakeholders in government, industry, civil society and international organizations, captures valuable information about emerging social and environmental issues. He has to think over them with respect to their impact on his organization's activities and make his business managers aware of them so that appropriate actions can be initiated.

10 years ago very few executives were aware of the social and environmental issues involved in the supply chain. But CSR professionals identified gap  and helped prepare their procurement and supply chain executives to identify the issues involved and take actions to make them CSR compliant.

CSR departments act as a “social radars,” detecting emerging issues, understanding their potential importance to the company and communicating any concerns in the language of the specific executives they need to influence. CSR professionals have to learn business language.

CSR departments incubate the CSR projects of various departments and handhold them till they become independent. Once they become independent, the operating departments only will manage them.

The companies have to make all functions and departments capable of minimizing their own negative impacts and think about making a positive impact on their community. CSR is the primary department to bring this change.

A Company's Description for CSR Manager.

A snapshot of key accountabilities
 Development: Work with external agency to develop and maintain detailed proposals for
Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
 Delivery: Manage and co-ordinate the delivery of the programme, including target setting,
governance, audit and reporting
 Work with the communications team to ensure effective internal and external communications
of CSR activity, including stakeholder engagement in shaping the strategy
 Influence senior management and key departments to secure ongoing commitment to the
 Direct line management (remote management) of 1 individual - an Education Officer.
 Liaise with Horizon’s shareholders to establish consistency of CSR approach and ensuring
benefits are realised.

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