March 22, 2016

Strategic Management Articles with Links

PART ONE Concepts and Techniques for Crafting and Executing Strategy

Section A: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 1: What Is Strategy and Why Is It Important?  -

Chapter 2: Charting a Company’s Direction: Vision and Mission, Objectives, and Strategy - Key Points of the Chapter

Section B: Core Concepts and Analytical Tools

Chapter 3: Evaluating a Company’s External Environment -

Chapter 4: Evaluating a Company’s Resources, Capabilities, and Competitiveness -

Section C: Crafting a Strategy

Chapter 5: The Five Generic Competitive Strategies: Which One to Employ? -

Chapter 6: Strengthening a Company’s Competitive Position: Strategic Moves, Timing, and Scope of Operations -

Chapter 7: Strategies for Competing in International Markets -
Chapter 8: Corporate Strategy: Diversification and the Multibusiness Company -

Chapter 9: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, and Strategy -

Section D: Executing the Strategy

Chapter 10: Building an Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution: People, Capabilities, and Structure -

Chapter 11: Managing Internal Operations: Actions That Promote Good Strategy Execution -

Chapter 12: Corporate Culture and Leadership: Keys to Good Strategy Execution -

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