May 25, 2017

May - Management Knowledge Revision with Links

First Week  1 May to 5 May 2016

Cost Information for Pricing Decisions
Cost Behavior Analysis and Relevant Costs

Costing for Strategic Profitability Analysis
Cost Information for Customer Profitability Analysis

Costing for Spoilage, Rework and Scrap
Costing for Quality, Time and the Theory of Constraints

Costing for Inventory Management, JIT and Backflush
Cost Information and Analysis for Capital Budgeting

Cost Information for Management Control and Performance Control
Cost Information for Transfer Pricing

Second Week 8 May to 12 May 2016

Managerial Accounting or Management Accounting - Review Notes
Relevant Information and Decision Making - Marketing Decisions

Relevant Information and Decision Making - Production
Relevant Information and Decision Making - HR

The Master Budget - Accounting Information
Flexible Budgets and Variance Analysis - Review Notes

Responsibility Accounting for Management Control
Accounting Information for Management Control in Divisionalized Companies

Capital Budgeting - Accounting and Cost Information

Revision of Organizational Behavior



Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Third Week   15 May to 19 May

Environmental context: Information Technology and Globalization
 Environmental context: Diversity and Ethics

 Organizational Context: Design and Culture
Organizational Context:: Reward Systems

Perception and Attribution
Personality and Attitudes

Motivational Needs and Processes
Positive Psychology Approach to OB

Decision Making

Fourth Week  22 May to 26 May 2015

Stress and Conflict
Power and Politics

Groups and Teams
Managing Performance through Job Design and Goal Setting

Behavioral Performance Management
Effective Leadership Process

Great Leaders: Styles, Activities, and Skills
Principles of Innovation

Innovation - Strategic Issues and Methodology
Idea Generation in Organizations

28 & 29 May

To June - Management Knowledge Revision

May Month - Birthdays of Management Scholars and Business and Industry Magnates and Accomplished Professionals - Biographies

3 - Sidney S. Alexander (1916)
5 - Jerry A. Hausman (1946)
6 - Sigmund Freud (1856), Kenneth Blanchard (1939)
8 - Benjamin Graham (1894)  [Graham - Rao Method]
10 - Daniel Bell (1919), William James Reddin (1930),  Ikujiro Nonaka (1935)
11 - Morris Llewellyn Cooke (1872)
12 - Thomas H. Carroll II (1914)
14 - William R. Spriegel (1893), Mark Zuckerberg (1984) [Zuckerberg - Narayana Rao Reading Challenge 2015]
15 - Paul Samuelson (1915)
16 - Edward T. Hall (1914), Merton Miller (1923), Robert Butler Wilson Jr. (1937),  Catherine Tucker (1977)
19 - Harold Koontz (1908) Biography:
20 - Henry Gantt (1861), Edwin C. Nevis (1926)
23 - Michael Porter (1947)
24 - Lilian Gilbreth (1878),
25 - Paul Cootner (1930)
27 - Philip Kotler (1931)

One Year MBA Knowledge Revision Plan

January  - February  - March  - April  - May   -   June

July  - August     - September  - October  - November  - December


Old Plan
To be Removed

Opportunities or Areas for Innovation

Product Design Efficiency Engineering

Project Management - Introduction - Revision Article

Selling Process – Prospecting

Sales Process – Call Planning

Approaching the Prospect

Interacting with the Prospect

Prospect Objections During Sales Presentations

Trial Close

Sales Closing Techniques

Service to Customer: Follow Up After The Sale

Second Week

Risk Premium

Safety Stock Determination

Scanning of Environment for Marketing Ideas

Scientific Approach, Engineering Approach, Management Approach


Software Cost Management

Statistics - Introduction

Stock Market Efficiency Theory and Implications for Financial Management

Supervision - Introduction - Public Administration

Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Third Week

Suppy Behavior/Decisions of Firm in Competitive Markets

System Design Principles

Talent Management

Target Costing and Target Cost Management

Total Improvement Management

Total Industrial Engineering - H. Yamashina

Valuation and Verification of Closing Stock - Auditing

Valuation of Bonds and Equity Shares

Fourth Week

Variance Analysis, Flexible Budget and Management Control

What is Strategy in Simple Terms?

Who is a Knowledge Worker?

Communities of Practice

Audit Report - Auditing

Political Strategies in Use for Acquiring and Using Power

Personal Power and Social Power

Soft Power - Hard Power

Power - The Concept and Theory in Organizational Behavior

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