November 24, 2011

System Design Principles

An interesting  read for a discussion of system design principles in manufacturing system design with special reference to Toyota Production System design is:

According to Spear and Bowen the design of Toyota Production System can be captured by the Four Rules:

Rule 1: All work shall be highly specified as to content, sequence, timing, and outcome.

Rule 2: Every customer-supplier connection must be direct, and there must be an unambiguous yes-or-no way to send requests and receive responses.

Rule 3: The pathway for every product and service must be simple and direct.

Rule 4: Any improvement must be made in accordance with the scientific method, under the guidance of a teacher, at the lowest possible level in the organization.

Interesting Ideas

Axiomatic design—a methodology that has been developed by Suh to provide a structured approach for the generation and selection of good design solutions.
Suh, N. P., 1990, The Principles of Design, Oxford University Press, New York, NY.

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