December 14, 2011

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March 2011
Transform the way you store and manage data with EqualLogic (Dell)

Information is at the core of business value. Ignited by the need for real-time data access, enterprise mobility and pervasive virtualization, it’s no surprise that storage growth is expected to accelerate past 60% per year through 2020*. On average, essentially doubling every 18 months*. As if managing your organizations data growth isn’t enough, doing it on a flat annual budget makes it even more challenging.

Consider the Dell EqualLogic virtual iSCSI SAN. Its seamlessly scalable architecture and intelligent array software natively integrates with your tier-1 application and virtual environments to help you efficiently manage data without adding complexity. EqualLogic’s automation can help save you 45 days per year on common storage tasks and accelerate VM deployments by over 70%. Learn more about why virtual storage is an ideal solution for efficiently managing your data growth


October 2010 - Air plane
Reinvent Your Hawker
More Speed, Fuel economy (7%)
Avaition Partners Winglets


Design-build model can increase productivity in construction industry compared to design-bid-build model.


T N S Machining, Inc. has found a universal shop-wide coolant that has solved many common operational problems. PICOCOOL 5254, a new generation high technology synthetic coolant, provides excellent lubricity for a variety of machining operations on many different materials especially difficult aluminum alloys. Reduced machine downtime and improve machining.

Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan - One Year Plan

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