December 5, 2011

Successful Leadership - Effective Leadership

Effective leadership does not antagonize the followers.

If a leader accomplishes his task it is successful leadership. In the process of successful leadership, the leader might have created displeasure among his subordinates.

If in the process of achieving the objectives, if subordinates accept the objectives and the tasks associated with it willingly and feel happy at the end, it is effective leadership. Effective leadership does not antagonize the followers.

Leaders have to be successful and effective.

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August 2012

Now, Colin Price and Scott Keller of McKinsey & Co. explained the same thing in their concept of Organizational Health. Apart from the current performance, organizations have to maintain their health to survive and prosper in the long run.

Organizational Health on Top of Performance - McKinsey Consultants

Beyond Performance - Organizational Health - YouTube Video Presentations

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