December 2, 2011

Subjects in MBA Core (Common component) Curriculum

Subjects in MBA Core (Common component) Curriculum


Communication skills

Data Collection, Analysis and Quantitative Decision Models

Business Research Methods
Operations Research

Principles of Management and Management Process


Engineering and Managerial Economics
Creativity and Innovation



Leading - Behavioral Management

Organizational Behavior

Measurement & Control

Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting
Management Accounting

Effective Business Decision Making and Systems Design - Various Business Functions

Business Strategy, Policy or Strategic Management
Marketing Management
Operations - Production of Goods and Services in Own Facilities
Supply Chain Design and Supply Management
Distribution Systems, Distribution Logistics
Human Resource Management
Training and Development
Financial Management
Project Management
Information Systems for Business/Management
Environment Management

Efficient Working of Systems

Industrial Engineering

Business Laws and Ethics

Business or Managerial Ethics
Business Law
Corporate Environment and External Stakeholder Responsibility

Monthly Breakup

1. Business & Industrial Organization, Business and Company Law

2. Principles of Management (Effectiveness), Industrial Engineering (Efficiency)

3. Business Laws, Business Ethics

4. Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting

5. Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management

6. Operations Management, Supply Chain Management

7. Marketing Management, Salesmanship

8. Quantitative Techniques - Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research

9. Information Systems

10.Financial Management, Taxes

11. Economics, Engineering Economics, Managerial Economics

12. Strategic Management, Corporate Environment and External Stakeholder Responsibility

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