August 27, 2016

Readings in Strategic Management - Bibliography

Readings Included in in Crafting and Executing Strategy 17 Edition

1 . Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?
David J. Collis, Harvard Business School
Michael G. Rukstad, Harvard Business School
lL. Enabling Bold Visions
Douglas A. Ready, London Business School
Jay A. Conger, London Business School
3 . Location, Location: The Geography of Industry Clusters
Holger Schiele, Leibniz University
4 . Identifying Valuable Resources
Cliff Bowman, Cranfield School of Management
Veronique Ambrosini, Cranfield School of Management
5 . The Battle of the Value Chains: New Specialized versus Old
Gillis Jonk, A. T. Kearney
Martin Handschuh, A. T. Kearney
Sandra Niewiem, A. T. Kearney
6 . Playing Hardball: Why Strategy Still Matters
George Stalk, The Boston Consulting Group
7. Hitting Back: Strategic Responses to Low-Cost Rivals
Jim Morehouse, A. T. Kearney
Bob O 'Meara, A. T. Kearney
Christian Hagen, A. T. Kearney
Todd Huseby, A. T. Kearney
8 . Limited-Potential Niche or Prospective Market Foothold? Five Tests
Ken Hutt, Deloitte Consulting
Ruben Gravieres, Deloitte Consulting
Betosini Chakraborty, Deloitte Consulting
9 . Value Innovation: A Leap into the Blue Ocean •
W. Chan Kim, INSEAD
Renee Mauborgne, INSEAD
10 . Racing to Be 2nd: Conquering the Industries of the Future
Costas Markides, London Business School
Paul A. Geroski, London Business School
11 . Globalization Is an Option, Not an Imperative. Or,
Why The World Is Not Flat
Pankaj Ghemawat, Harvard Business School
12 . The Challenge for Multinational Corporations in China: Think Local, Act Global
Seung Ho Park, Samsung Economic Reseawrch Institute
Wilfried R. Vanhonacker, HKUST Business School
13 . How to Win in Emerging Markets
Satish Shankar, Bain & Co.
Charles Ormiston, Bain & Co.
Nicolas Bloch, Bain & Co.
Robert Schaus, Bain & Co.
Vijay Vishwanath, Bain & Co.
14 . Why Is Synergy So Difficult in Mergers of Related Businesses?
Sayan Chatterjee, Case Western Reserve University
15 . Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Good People Behave Badly
in Organizations
Pratima Bansal, University of Western Ontario
Sonia Kandola, University of Western Ontario
16 . Competing Responsibly
Bert van de Ven, University ofTilburg
Ronald Jeurissen, Nyenrode Business University
17. The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution
Gary L. Neilson, Booz & Company
Karla L. Martin, Booz & Company
Elizabeth Powers, Booz & Company
18 . Some Pros and Cons of Six Sigma: An Academic Perspective
Jiju Antony Caledonian Business School
19 . Linking Goals to Monetary Incentives
Edwin A. Locke, University of Maryland
20. The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives
Sydney Finkelstein, Dartmouth College

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