November 24, 2015

Organizational Behavior Subject Updates


Self-transformation for The Digital Leader for Long-term Success



Psychological Capital

Employee engagement requires listening and responsiveness on the part of leaders and managers at all levels.

June 2014


How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful than You

Carolyn O'Hara
JUNE 06, 2014
Harvard Business Review Article

Mastering Negotiation Skills

Presentation by Stefan Kadlubowski
London Southbank University


Ideo's Culture of Helping
Harvard Business Review
Jan-Feb 2014


Top Business Negotiations of 2013
Collection by Program on Negotiation - Harvard Law School

Designing Trustworthy Organizations

Sloan Management Review, Summer 2013

 Robert Hurley: Six types of signals people consider when deciding whether to trust a person, group or organization (a “trustee”):

Common values: Does the trustee share our values and beliefs?
Aligned interests: Do the trustee’s interests coincide rather than conflict with ours?
Benevolence: Does the trustee care about our welfare?
Competence: Is the trustee capable of delivering on commitments?
Predictability and integrity: Does the trustee abide by commonly accepted ethical standards (such as honesty and fairness), and is he or she predictable?
Communication: Does the trustee listen and engage in open and mutual dialogue?

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