August 5, 2017

Wisdom - Theory Development

Targowski, Andrew
Harnessing the Power of Wisdom (2013),

Cognitive Informatics and Wisdom Development: Interdisciplinary Approaches: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Targowski, Andrew
IGI Global, 31-Dec-2010 - Psychology - 260 pages

Wisdom is the ultimate human virtue. Its development and  application is important for humans and civilization.

Cognitive Informatics and Wisdom Development: Interdisciplinary Approaches argues that wise civilization cannot function without wise people and vice versa, that wise people cannot function without positive conditions for the development of wise civilization. Using the cognitive informatics approach as a basis for the investigation of wisdom, this book offers solutions on how to study and evaluate the state of wisdom in 21st century society and the requirements for wise civilization and its monitoring systems.

Wisdom is information reflecting good judgment and choice; it is the final cognition unit in the Semantic Ladder and has different levels of scope and quality depending on the four minds, namely basic, whole, global and universal mind, which are supported by the art of living, understood as the reflection of behavioral aspects of wisdom within the philosophical framework of the hierarchy of possible purposes of one’s life.

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