July 1, 2016

Good to Great - Jim Collins - Chapter Summaries

Never give up on your dreams. Always improve your competence. Do not stop because of failures. Keep trying in the direction you think will give result.

Good to Great Chapter 2. Level 5 Leadership

The leaders in the organization have to practice Level 5 leadership.

Level 5 leader - Level 4 leader with Professional achievement goal and personal humility behavior.

Level 4 leader- Level 3 leader with a clear and compelling vision who catalyzes commitment of people and vigorously pursues achievement of the vision.

Level 3 leader - A person who has the ability to organize people and resources toward the effective and efficient pursuit of predetermined objectives.

Level 2 individual - Contributing team member.

Level 1 individual - Highly capable individual.

Professional Activities - Personal humility behavior

Commitment to transform - Never boastful
good to great

Unwavering commitment to - Standard performance is demonstrated. Motivation
achieve the long term goal by personal example
despite set backs in between.

Standards are set for greatness - Subordinates are developed to higher performance

Revises implementation plans - Success attributed to the cooperation of all.
based on objective plans. Actual Failure attributed to himself and a personal resolution is stated
results are collected and analyzed to do better management in the future.

Good to Great Chapter 3. First Who... Then What

Organize People First - Involvement in Vision and Strategy Development

When a company has to transform from good to great, first reorganize to put the right people in right jobs. Then involve them in strategy development. Don't develop strategy without taking right people into dialogue and discussion mode.

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