July 27, 2016

Planning - Principle of efficiency of plans

Efficiency is measured by the contribution of the plan to objectives of the enterprise minus the costs and unsought for consequences in formulating and implementing the plan.

Efficiency is the focus of industrial engineering discipline.

In engineering industries, industrial engineers have to be employed and they are to be given the responsibility to redesign the systems designed by the managers to increase the efficiency. We may notice that industrial engineer will be concentrating on use of engineering knowledge to increase efficiency of engineering systems. But, if efficiency of human resources  is the issue, both industrial engineers and behavioral scientists have a role in analyzing and redesigning systems. Industrial engineers  learn behavioral sciences to employ principles of laws of behavioral science to improve efficiency and productivity  of persons working in man-machine systems. Industrial engineers also learn physiology, anatomy and biomechanics to employ the science developed in these subjects in designing more productive but less fatiguing, less uncomfortable, and less unhealthy human motions.

Updated 30 July 2016,  11 March 2015

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