January 20, 2016

Mathematical Models and Optimization of Production and Distribution Systems

There are management theorists who see management problem solving  as development of a system of mathematical models and solving them for a solution. The most widely known of this thinking are the operations researchers, or operations analysts who are also referred to as management scientists.

There group of scholars have made substantial contribution to orderly thinking in management practice. They have forced on people in management the means and desirability of seeing many problems more clearly; they have pressed on both students and managers the need for establishing goals and ways of measuring effectiveness; they have been extremly helpful in promoting the concept of management as a logical system of relationships; and they have caused people in management to review and occasionally reorganize information sources and systems so that mathematics can be given sensible quantitative meaning.

Important OR Models and Techniques

Linear Programming, Integer Programming, Non Linear Programming, Geometric Programming

Transportation and Transshipment Problems

Assignment Problem

Inventory Problem


Queueing - Design of Service Stations and Waiting Lines

Game Theory

January Month Management Knowledge Revision Plan

MBA Core Management Knowledge - One Year Revision Schedule

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