October 16, 2019

Retail Store - Business Digital Transformation


16 October 2019

Supply Chain Conclave NITIE, Mumbai - Issues Discussed

1. Weekly Sales & Operations Planning
2. Concurrent Planning - Real Time Planning
3. Planning for Volatility
4. Planning for Uncertainty
5. Sales Force Effectiveness - Behaviour Issues

6. Triple A Supply Chain - We had discussion on 6A Supply Chain also.
7. Data - Input Data (ID) - Clustering Data (Important data point that can place the ID in a specific cluster. - Training Data (Behavior of the ID or customer) - Feedback Data (Actions taken on recommendations)
8. Cash back is investment to acquire customer ID.
9. AI vs Human - Wherever good quality data is there AI has upper hand.
10. Judgements are still done by human among alternative paths especially when human satisfaction is involved.

11. Moving to demand sensing.
12. Dynamic supply chain network paths - Not a single path optimized for a period ahead. It is now optimal path for every transaction.
13.  Changes due to digital transformation    Speed to Agility, Error Reduction to Probability of Event Determination,  Reliability to Predictability
14. Books Recommended - Predictive Machines, Meltdown
15. Reduction of transit time for perishable items

16. Item life determination using digital images - bananas
17. Reinforcement learning
18. Digital SKUs or stock flow tower similar to air traffic control towers.
19. Drones in warehouses
19. Hyper automated operation
20. Preemptive supply chain to offer extended cut-off time for next day deliveries

21. Man-Machine Cohabitation
22. Machine First - Mimicking human behavior - Augmenting human capability - Autonomous
23. Interesting algorithmic interventions in SCM
24. Integrated Digital Factory in manufacturing supply chains
25. Supply Chain Priorities - Cost - Service - Cash

July 5, 2019
TCS Named an IoT Leader in Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry by NelsonHall
TCS' Domain Expertise, Industry-specific Assets, and IoT-related Intellectual Property Positioned it as a Leader in the Retail and Travel, Transportation & Logistics Industries

The Future of Retail: Winning Models for a New Era
Absolute scale, rapid innovation and data-analytics expertise are now as important as local leadership.
By Marc-André Kamel, Suzanne Tager, Jonathon Ringer, Aaron Cheris and Charles Ormiston
June 10, 2019

Not just tools, reimagine retail through eStrategy
‘digital transformation’ is more than ‘digitalization’ of business. Here’s a lowdown on how to get it right.

12 examples of digital technology in retail stores
By Nikki Gilliland  January 23rd 2019

Top Four Digital Trends in Retail

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