October 26, 2019

Are You Up to the Demands of Leadership?

BARRY CONCHIE, Coauthor of Strengths Based Leadership published "The Demands of Executive Leadership: What separates great leaders from all the rest?" in the Business Journal, 2004 of Gallup.


Fred Luthans in his book "Organizational Behavior" covered these demands.

They are:

Knowing One's Self.

Making sense of experience

Building a Constituency That Listens to Him and Follows Him.

Mentoring and Also Finding Mentors for Himself

Understanding the Values of Followers and Maximizing the Benefit from them

Providing Challenges to Result in Satisfactory Outcomes

Effervescent Vision Creation: A Vision that Brings Out Bubbles of Enthusiasm from the Group.

Articles on Seven Demands of Leadership by John C. Maxwell in 2007

Seven Demands of Leadership
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August 3, 2009

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