March 17, 2017

Digital Marketing Adoption by Fortune 500 Companies

December 2016
The Top Sales Strategies Fortune 500 Companies Use
80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are active on Twitter.
sales and marketing automation is one of the sales strategies that Fortune 500 companies use.

Nov 2016
The Technology Behind Fortune Global 500 Companies

The McKinsey View: The State of Digital Marketing & How to Capture Value
Full report on Salesforce State of Marketing 2016 can be downloaded from this web page.

October 2016

Are Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 Companies Using Instagram?

Some 30% of Fortune 500 companies and 22% of Inc. 500 companies have active Instagram accounts- Research from The Center for Marketing Research, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

July 2016

Fortune 500 Companies Search for Marketing Tools - July 2016
Email marketing is still very important component of marketing communications and sales

What Marketers Can Learn from Fortune 500 Companies Mastering Instagram

March 2016
Only 17% of Fortune 500 Companies Actively Use Pinterest

The 2015 Fortune 500 and Social Media

June 2015
16% of the Fortune 500 companies had public-facing RSS feeds in 2008
31% of the Fortune 500 companies had public-facing RSS feeds in 2014

March 2015
59% of B2B Fortune 500 Companies Use Marketing Automation

September 2014
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research releases a study of social media adoption among Fortune 500 companies every year

83% of the Fortune 500 have corporate Twitter accounts with a Tweet in the past thirty days. This represents a 6% increase since 2013.

80% of the Fortune 500 are now on Facebook. This represents a 10% increase in the last year alone.

In 2014, 31% of the studied companies had corporate blogs, showing a decrease of 3% in use of this content tool during the past year.

March 2014
Does a Fortune 500 company need a social media strategy?
(as of 2013, over two thirds of all F500 companies maintain active Twitter accounts, and almost as many have Facebook pages)

July 2013

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Social media activity report of Fortune Magazine’s Fortune 500 list  indicates that
34 percent of this year’s Fortune 500 companies are now actively blogging,
77 percent maintain active Twitter accounts,
70 percent have Facebook pages and
69 percent have YouTube accounts.

May 2012
How Fortune 500 Companies Use Social Media
Lot of statistics of that time

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