April 2, 2016

What is Supply Chain Management? - SCM - Tweet Point Lecture

#SCMTP A supply chain consists of all stages involved  in fulfilling a customer request for a product http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP In a supply chain there is constant flow of information, product and funds between stages. http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply chains have two way movements - materials and product -  information and funds http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Primary purpose of a supply chain - satisfying customer needs - generating profit http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply chain activities begin with a customer order and end he has paid for his purchase. http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP The objective of every supply chain is to maximize the overall value generated. http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain facilities Design, Flows Plan and Operation are three significant decision phases in SCM http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain facilities Design products to supply, location-capacities of mfg. plants, warehouses, modes trasport, information system

#SCMTP Supply Chain Flows Planning: Planning for an year, annual flow of goods based on demand and seasonality http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain Operation: Time horizons are monthly, weekly and daily. Decisions driven by customer order http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain Operation: Decisions on use of individual production facilities, warehouses and transporters. http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain Cycle view:  Customer order - Replenishment - Manufacturing - Procurement http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain Push/Pull View: Push Process - Pull Process http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain Push/Pull View: Push Process - Process flow plan done by firm based on estimated demands http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Supply Chain Push/Pull View: Pull Process - Process flow plan done by firm based on customer orders http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP Decision 1. What to  outsource? http://goo.gl/HFQbcE
#SCMTP Decision 2. How many suppliers? http://goo.gl/HFQbcE
#SCMTP Decision 3. How many own manufacturing plants? Their capacities http://goo.gl/HFQbcE
#SCMTP Decision 4. What transportion modes different types of orders? http://goo.gl/HFQbcE
#SCMTP Decision 5. What inventories at different stages? http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

#SCMTP What is Supply Chain Management. Tweet Lecture completed  http://goo.gl/HFQbcE

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