September 5, 2015

Consumer Pyramid - Concept and Measurement

Consumer pyramid is a concept being used by many marketing authors and executives.

Four Consumer tiers in Wold Economic Pyramid

Middle of the pyramid used by a marketing researcher.

Chinese Consumer Pyramid

India's Consumer Pyramid - Techpro

India's Consumer Pyramid - Proctor and Gamble

Socio-Economic Classification of Consumers in India - 2011 Scheme

Items owned Q1

Items owned / have access at home


Electricity Connection 01
Ceiling Fan 02
LPG Stove 03
Two Wheeler 04
ColourTV 05
Refrigerator 06
Washing Machine 07
Personal Computer/ Laptop 08
Car/Jeep/Van 09
AirConditioner 10

Agricultural Land 11

Chief Earner: Education (Q2)

1. Illiterate
2. Literate but no formal schooling/School Upto 4 years
3. School- 5 to 9 years
5. Some College (incl a Diploma) but not Grad
6. Graduate/Post Graduate: General
7. Graduate/Post Graduate: Professional

No. of           Educational Qualification of the Chief Earner

             1    2    3   4   5    6    7

None    E3     E2    E2    E2    E2   E1    D2
1          E2     E1    E1    E1    D2   D2    D2
2          E1      E1   D2   D2    D1   D1    D1
3          D2     D2   D1   D1    C2   C2   C2
4          D1    C2   C2   C1     C1   B2   B2
5          C2    C1   C1   B2     B1    B1   B1
6          C1    B2   B2   B1     A3   A3    A3
7          C1    B1   B1  A3     A3   A2    A2
8          B1   A3   A3   A3     A2  A2    A2
9 +        B1  A3   A3   A2    A2   A1    A1


Calibrating Indian SEC Classifications In Terms Of Relative Purchasing Power

Socio-economic Groups in UK

The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (often abbreviated to NS-SEC) is the primary social classification in the United Kingdom. It  was used in the 2001 UK census.

The full version of NS-SEC has 17 main categories. The version intended for most users (the analytic version) has eight categories:

Higher managerial and professional occupations
Lower managerial and professional occupations
Intermediate occupations (clerical, sales, service)
Small employers and own account workers
Lower supervisory and technical occupations
Semi-routine occupations
Routine occupations
Never worked and long-term unemployed

The three-category version is reduced to following categories:

Higher occupations
Intermediate occupations
Lower occupations

USA  Socio Economic Classification

Upper - Upper
Lower Upper
Upper Middle Class
Lower Middle Class
Upper Lower Class
Lower Lower Class

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