March 3, 2015

Marketing Firepower Essential for Startups

Are you planning to start an enterprise.

Check whether you have The Marketing Firepower

Price discounts: Are you selling a comparable product at a lower price.

Cheaper goods: Are you offering economy goods with lesser number of features. The strategy will succeed when there is significant number of buyers in need of lower priced product.

Prestige goods: Are you launching a higher quality product with more features.

Product proliferation: Are you planning to offer a greater product variety.

Product innovation: Are you offering an improve product.

Service innovation: Improvement in service offered to the buyers.

Distribution innovation: a new distribution outlet that offers additional convenience to buyers.

Process innovations: Is your enterprise based on a process innovation that gives better quality or lower cost?

Advertising innovation: Do you have innovative communications strategy that reaches and motivates larger number of potential customers resulting in higher sales.

You have to develop the marketing fire power that allows you to succeed in the market. Enter the market with adequate marketing firepower to succeed.

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