March 30, 2015

Operations Management Update 2014

MBA Core Management Knowledge - One Year Revision Schedule

March 2015

Construction Management in Transportation Projects
FTA Guide 2006
Federal Transit Administration


December 2014

Learn from the Manufacturing Leaders of the Week - Industry Week Articles

 SEP 2014 Harvard Business School  WORKING PAPERS
Chief Sustainability Officers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?
by Kathleen Miller and George Serafeim

April 2014

Demystifying Technology Decisions

Europe's Solution Factories - How some manufacturing companies are successful in competing against low labor cost economy - but good quality competition. The strategies that they are using.

They use one or more of four distinct strategies:
They leverage data flows to integrate closely with their supply chain partners;
they optimize customer value across the whole chain, not just their part of it;
they cooperate with suppliers to rapidly improve their manufacturing processes; and
they harness their technical capabilities to offer a high degree of product customization for their customers. In short, they work with partners to manufacture solutions for other partners.

HBR article - April 2014


36 Operational Excellence Stats Every Manufacturing Leader Must See
Posted by Mike Roberts on Mon, Jan 27, 2014

Managing Operational Excellence
Quality Magazine Article

POMS 2014 Martin K. Starr Excellence in  Production andOperations Management Practice Award
Dr. Dean Bartles, Vice‐President, Advanced Programs and Strategic Growth, General  Dynamics  
Mr. Josue Gomes da Silva, CEO, Coteminas, Inc.              

Dr. Dean Bartles

Dr. Dean Bartles has been a manager with General Dynamics for twenty‐nine years and currently serves as Vice President, Advanced Programs and Strategic Growth, and General Manager of the Ordnance and Tactical   Systems Division—the largest strategic business unit in the firm.  He has previously served as Vice
President and Director of Business Development, Director of International Marketing and has been a Program Manager and Administrator.
In his career at General Dynamics, Dr. Bartles has excelled in operations management practice
through the introduction of many manufacturing innovations and improvements.  He first
managed modern co‐production facilities in Egypt and Turkey under US supervision.  He
successfully implemented lean manufacturing at three heavy manufacturing plants, greatly
increasing productivity.  His plants have received numerous awards for environmental and
manufacturing excellence, including a US Secretary of Defense Environmental Excellence Award
for Sustainability and several General Dynamics Manufacturing Excellence Awards.   He serves
as Chairman of the board for the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining
and is an International Director of SME.  In 2014 he will join the Board of the National Center
for Manufacturing Science.

Dr. Bartles received his PhD in Technology Management from Indiana State University, a
Doctorate in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Master’s degrees in
Business from Tampa College and Shippensburg University and a BS in Business Administration
from Shepherd University.

Josue Gomes da Silva

Mr. JosueGomes da Silva isthe Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coteminas, a global bed and bath
home fashion products company based in Brazil, with manufacturing facilities in several countries in the
Americas. He joined the company in 1989 as Chief  Financial Officer and became CEO in 1993. As CEO, he developed international operations with rapidly increasing exports and, subsequently, with the
acquisition of Springs, Inc. in the U.S., was able to combine low cost, efficient South American
manufacturing facilities with brands and a distribution platform in the U.S. and Canada.
Coteminas developed a vertically integrated operation including cotton production, ginning,
spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles.  With faster operations the firm was
able to move closer to the end user and serve more than 5,000 retail customers.  Beginning in
2009, Coteminas introduced 50 retail outlets, and today has about 250 stores. Under Josue’s
leadership, Coteminas diversified and increased production capacity by incorporating 17 new
plants into the group, acquiring some plants through mergers and acquisitions and others as
greenfield facilities.  A global sourcing platform was created through the establishment of
strategic alliances with suppliers in Pakistan, India, and China.  Today Coteminas operates a
completely integrated, dynamic global supply chain in textiles from cotton all the way to the
final consumer.

Mr. Gomes da Silva is founder and Chairman of the Board of Cantagalo General Grains S.A., a
company with integrated operations including the production, commercialization, and distribution of grains. Josue is a Board member of Embraer. He also is President of the  International  Textile Manufacturers Federation– ITMF, and is Chairman of  the  Brazil Chapter of  the  Brazil‐United States CEOs Forum‐ICESP.

Mr. Gomes da Silva has a graduate degree in civil engineering from the Federal University of
Minas Gerais (1986) and a law degree from Faculdade Milton Campos (Belo Horizonte, MG‐
1987). In 1989, he received a Master’s of Business Administration from Vanderbilt, and was
awarded Vanderbilt’s Founder’s Medal for First Honors in recognition of his academic
achievement. He has received numerous tributes for his operations and entrepreneurial
activities, including the Medalha da Ordem do Merito Industrial – CNI.

Basic Articles on Operations Management

Chapter Summaries of Chase - Aquilano Book

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