February 1, 2015

The Future of Marketing - Kotler and Keller Book Topic

Modern Marketing will evolve and the following trends were suggested Kotler and Keller for effective and efficient marketing.

# The demise of the traditional marketing department and the rise of holistic marketing function.
# The demise of free spending marketing and the rise of ROI marketing.
# The demise of marketing intuition and the rise of marketing science.
# The demise of manual marketing and the rise of automated marketing
# The demise of mass marketing and the rise of precision marketing

Marketers have to develop a new of set skills and competencies in areas such as:

# Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
# Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
# Datebase Marketing and Datamining
# Contact center management and telemarketing
# Public relationship marketing (including event and sponsorship marketing)
# Brand-building and brand-asset management
# Experiential marketing
# Integrated marketing communications
# Profitability analysis by segment, customer, and channel

Planned Revision schedule for marketing chapters is in February and March

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