July 8, 2014

Code Halos - Book Information, Summaries and Related YouTube Videos

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Authors: Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig, Ben Pring

Copyright: Cognizant Technology Solutions
Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2014

Chapter 1 "Will It Happen to Us"?   - An Extinction Event.
Code halo is the field of digital information that surrounds any noun - any person, place, or thing.

More often than not, businesses can generate more value from this digital field around an entity with the currently available technologies. The authors use the term 'Code Halos" to denote products that use the code halo - digital information around entities and create useful information and services. Without doubt they are based on analytics and big data technologies.

Is Your Business Being Disrupted by Code Halos?


The Code Halos - The Future of Data Science and Analytics.
Dr. Paul Roehrig


Chapter 3. The Five Business Code Halos

Five types of code halo solutions are emerging from various companies and businesses.

Customer code halos: They provide information related to customers and provide opportunities to sell more based on customer preferences and customised offers. They may provide new product ideas also. They can help in pricing. An airplane may be able to reach a flier who wants to fly if he gets a ticket at less than a price or a ticket on a particular day. It may his comment on a social media platform but the company may be able to pick it up and offer him the ticket.

Product Code Halos: These product provide information on improving the products. Can value engineering ideas come from these products? Yes, We may see big data based value engineering packages that offer suggestions to value engineer your products.

Employee Code Halos: Provide knowledge management capabilities by highlighting your employee skills and achievements that help companies to solve problems in novel ways by connecting people within the organization.

Partner Code Halos: Help connecting supply chain participants to come out with efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.

Enterprise Code Halo: The enterprise halo include the above four products, but it can become the source of market truth for the organization. Are you gaining or losing competitive advantage and market acceptance? Are your products keeping up with the technology or not? What is your company's position in the talent market? Enterprise Code Halos answer these questions in real time and provide the action opportunities to enterprises.

Chapter 4. The Anatomy of a Winning Code Halo Solution

A code halo solution has five essential elements.

1. Amplifier - a device that captures digital data around the entities.

2. Data: The data captured by the amplifier has to be stored in a database.

3. Algorithm:  Analytic engine

4. Application interface: Means to communicate with the user.

5. Business model: How do you monetize the service you are giving to the user.

Anatomy Lessons

1.  Connect an amplifier to every device worth $50 or more.
2. Algorithms are the foundation of the Code Halo experience
3. You need a bigger boat. You need the capability to acquire and analyze big data.
4. Don't Zune out. Microsoft's Zune was abandoned because of an inadequate business model. Put in place a business model for the code halo solution as an integral part.

Chapter 5. The SMAC Stack: The New Technology of Code


Social Technologies: Blogs, Wikis,email, instant messaging,social network services and software services that make collaboration and partnering feasible and economical.

Mobile technologies: All portable devices

Analytics technologies

Cloud Computing

SMAC technologies  are giving rise to fifth wave of corporate IT innovation and transformation.

First wave: Main frame computer
Second wave: Mini computers
Third wave: Client Server architecture - ERP
Fourth wave: Internet PC  - E Commerce
Fifth wave: SMAC stack

SNAC Stack


Chapter 6: The Pattern of Digital Disruption: The Crossroads Model

The stages are:

1. Ionization
2. Spark
3. Enrichment
4. The Crossroads
5. After the Crossroads

The crossroad is when two competitors fight out the final battle. Whoever wins has momentum behind him after the crossroads.

Crossroads Model Explained


Four Principles for Success in the Code Economy

Delivering Beautiful Products and Experiences
Don't Be Evil 2.0 - Short note by Malcolm Frank in Wall Street Journal Blogs
Winning in the Wirearchy
Make IT Your Halo Heroes

Download a summary of the book - Code Rules - a white paper by the authors of the book circulated in 2013

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