March 1, 2014

Core Beliefs of Lean System - Enterprise - Proved in Many Implementations

Belief in SMED

Workers can be trained to do all activities in a work cell and also some more activities in other cells.

The entire material flow system (value stream) can function with near zero level safety stock.

Flow systems can be created with right sizing equipment and tooling and the equipment can be easily moved and reconfigured.

The cost of creating a flow system can be recovered by elimination of extra resources used in batch and queue systems.

Equipment can be made to be reliable. Its availability can be increased.

Defects can be eliminated. Poka Yoke is effective in eliminating defects. Self inspection and successive inspection are effective.

Operations personnel are capable of performing such additional functions as inspection, equipment changeover, maintenance, methods improvement etc; effectively and efficiently.

The demand can be reasonably leveled and satisfied through just in time production.

Transitioning to a lean enterprise: Guide to Leaders, Volume I

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