September 14, 2013

Management Theory and Practice - Bulletin Board - September 2013

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September - Management Knowledge Revision

Good Training Enriches Employees, the Bottom Line…and Workforce Loyalty
Sander van 't Noordende - Group Chief Executive at Accenture

HR for Neophytes

Great leaders understand that rallying the troops is not about scaring employees into working harder with threats and blame but inspiring them to want to “do battle” together, unified in purpose and determined to succeed.
The Right Way to Rally Your Troops

Confused about Big 5 Things to Do

Digital is full of examples of the unthinkable becoming the inevitable
Five Mistakes to Avoid in Managing Digital Teams


Replacement Decisons
Expected Values and Risk of Project Revenues and Costs


Engineering Economy or Engineering Economics: Economic Decision Making by Engineers
Introduction to Engineering Economics

8 September

Management Proposition
Follower companies do not challenge the market leader. But market followers have to know how to hold on current customers and win a fair share of customers in the growing market. The follower firms have a certain advantages for its target market in terms of location, services offered or financing offered.

13 Simple Ways You Can Have More Meaningful Conversations
Millennials at Work: Gen Ys and Ambition

7 September

Management Proposition
Attack by a challenger has a greater probability of success when there customer dissatisfaction with the current leader. There is a gap in the market which the leader is not serving. Challengers have to identify the gap and then develop the product offering for it and then attack that target segment of the market.  (September 7, 2013)

Customer Intimacy - Needs to be supported Operations Excellence   

The backlash against running firms like progressive schools has begun

Revison articles
Cash Flow Estimation for Expenditure Proposals
Required Rate of Return - Cost of Capital

6 September

The Most Important Negotiation
Negotiating with yourself

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