September 12, 2013

Environment Management Theory - Research Propositions

Environment and Globalization - Five Propositions

Adil Najam, David Runnalls and Mark Halle
2007, International Institute for Sustainable Development

The rapid acceleration in global economic activity
and our dramatically increased demands for critical, finite natural resources undermine our pursuit of
continued economic prosperity.

The linked processes of globalization and environmental degradation pose new security threats to an
already insecure world. They impact the vulnerability
of ecosystems and societies, and the least resilient
ecosystems. The livelihoods of the poorest communities
are most at risk.

The newly prosperous and the established wealthy
will have to come to terms with the limitations of
the ecological space in which both must operate, and
also with the needs and rights of those who have not
been as lucky.

Consumption—in both North and South—will
define the future of globalization as well as the
global environment.

Concerns about the global market and global environment will become even more intertwined and
each will become increasingly dependent on the other.

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