July 3, 2017

Improve Strengths and Become Extraordinary Leader

Remember, if you really want to make a difference within your organization, it's your strengths that will lead the way. Give them the attention they deserve. - Scott K. Edinger, a consultant, author, adviser and speaker, of Edinger Consulting Group, Inc. is a recognized expert on leadership.

16 leadership behaviors

Displays honesty and Integrity
Exhibits technical/professional expertise
Solves problems and analyzes issues

Practices self-development
Focuses on results
Establishes stretch goals
Takes initiative

Communicates powerfully and broadly
Inspires and motivates others to high performance
Builds relationships
Develops others

Collaborates and fosters teamwork
Develops strategic perspective
Champions change
Connects the group to the outside world

Develop 5 behaviors to outstanding level and you will be in 91 percentile of leaders.

Zenger Folkman


Jim Clemmer


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