January 23, 2017

Business - Industrial Management versus Total Human Resource Management

Principles of Management textbooks are not discussing the enterprise business or industrial management fully. They are only discussing enterprise internal human resource management.

Business management has to deal with management of marketing and selling, management of customers, management of factory operations, management human resources working within the factory, management of supply,  management of suppliers, management of tax payment, compliance with government regulations, and management of all stakeholders. Principles of management as a general theory of management of business enterprise has to deal with all these aspects.

Henri Fayol, even though he identified organization of an enterprise is to provide it with all that is required to run a business (both material and personal), described only people organization within the firm in his initial essay. From then on, other scholars has expanded that limited treatment and have not developed the subject fully. There is a need to expand the subject.

That is why I came out with the new list of functions of management as planning, organizing, resourcing, executing and controlling. 

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