November 26, 2015

Management Quotations - 2015 Collection

MBA Core Management Knowledge - One Year Revision Schedule

What is Management? - Management is getting things done along with people. - Narayana Rao

4 Ps of Management - Providing Value to Customers - Purchasing or Procuring Input Resources - Processing the Inputs into Outputs - People Relations - Narayana Rao

Interactive Marketing becoming more and more prominent in marketing as it is capable of two way communications in product conceptualization, communication regarding final product, order taking, communicating order delivery and even payment (and payment confirmation) and post purchase communication.

Business teams want leaders who are going to support them and make the team better and not leaders who sit in the corner office and demand answers without any personal involvement - John Rice, Vice Chairman of GE and CEO of GE Global Growth and Operations

Be with someone who brings out some good in you, not with the one who generates stress in you. - Modified quote (Nrao)

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