January 19, 2016

Importance of Human Relations in Management

There has been a tremendous influx of behavioral scientists into the study of management.

Behavioral scientists cite Hawthorne experiments as the seminal work for their contribution to management field. It brought out the fact that attitudes toward people, people being regarded as people, are also important to efficiency and productivity apart from such material factors as rest periods, illumination, and money.

According behavior school of scholars, management theory before their intervention assumed that people were "inert" and the human organism is also a simple machine.

Psychologists have contributed to the management understanding through their illumination of the aspects of rational behavior and influence, the sources of motivation, and the nature of leadership. Among the many in the area of individual and social psychology who have contributed materially to management are McGregor, Likert, Argyris, March and Simon, Leavitt, Blake, Sayles, Tannenbaum and his associates and Bennis.

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Other References

The Human Problems of an Industrial Civilization
Elton Mayo
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