May 20, 2014

Role of Mindfulness in Managing - Creative Stress Free Personality and Decision Making

Focus, clarity, creativity, compassion, and courage. There are the benefits of practicing mindfulness promoting techniques and practices. "These are the qualities of the mindful leaders I have worked with, taught, mentored, and interviewed." wrote Billy George, a professor management practice at Harvard Business School.

They are also the qualities that give today’s best leaders the resilience to cope with the many challenges coming their way and the resolve to sustain long-term success. The real point of leverage — which though it sounds simple, many executives never discover — is the ability to think clearly and to focus on the most important opportunities.

In his new book Focus, psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman, the father of emotional intelligence (or EQ), provides data that supports the importance of mindfulness in focusing the mind’s cognitive abilities, linking them to qualities of the heart like compassion and courage.

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