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31 July 2013

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30 July 2013
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A demonstration = 1000 pictures (a million words)
A working model = 1000 demonstrations (a billion words)

29 July 2013
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27 July 2013
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26 July 2013
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25 July 2013
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24 July 2013
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HBR article July-August 2013
Four network ideas that have the most consistent backing of neuroscientists: the default, reward, affect, and control networks.

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Follow from the front
Understand technology
Lead by example
Embrace vulnerability
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23 July 2013
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22 July 2013

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Inspection Methods Efficiency Engineering

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21 July 2013
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14 July 2013
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13 July 2013
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July 23, 2013

Inspection Methods Efficiency Engineering

Statistical quality control methods are promoted by industrial engineering profession as a means of increasing the efficiency of inspection methods.

Method studies were employed to improve the efficiency of inspectors. We have examples of method studies in inspection departments in texts of industrial engineering. Even F.W. Taylor did method studies in inspection departments. (Scientific Management, page 86)

The inspectors were working for ten and half hours every day with a half day Saturday holiday.

Initially the inspectors (all girls) were told that the work day can be made 10 hours and they can do the same work as they are doing now in ten hours and they will be paid the same wage for the day. The girls agreed with the change.

Mr. Thompson recognized that persons of low personal coefficient were required for inspection job.

It is necessary in almost all cases to take definite steps to insure against any falling off in quality before moving in any way towards an increase in quantity. An accurate daily record was kept for each inspector for quantity and quality.

Time study was done. It was observed that after one half hours of work they become nervous. So rest break of 10 minutes was arranged after one and quarter hour.

Differential system was put into practice.

Measurement of output was done each hour and a teacher was sent to correct shortcomings in methods.

35 girls did the work that was previously done by 120 girls. Accuracy of work was two-thirds greater at the higher productivity than at lower productivity. The inspectors received 80 to 100% more wages on average.

Article Part of the Industrial Engineering Course Articles
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