December 9, 2011

e-business and the Supply Chain. - Review Notes

Chopra and Meindl's book, Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation, is a comprehensive introduction on supply chain management.

E-Business or E-Commerce is the facilitating of enquiry, order booking and execution of order using internet facilities. Flow of information, delivery of certain products and funds transfer are taking place through E-business mode in supply chains.
Companies can do the following functions or activities with suppliers and customers through E-business mode or facilities.
Provision of information about products and facilities
Negotiation of prices and contracts
Order booking
Tracking of order by customers
Delivery of certain products (electronic documents, e-books, music, videos etc., examinations)
Sending delivery information and payment instructions
Funds transfers and payments
(Chopra and Meindl)
E-business offers revenue-enhancing opportunies as well as cost reduction opportunities to business organizations.

Revenue Enhancing Opportunites

Direct sales to customers - disintermediation - Customers can view the full product line of the firm at their convenience and time of choice and also place orders at their convenience and choice.
Providing 24-hour access for information,  order placing, and order tracking.
Availability of more and aggregated information about customers (CRM)
Providing mass customization
Faster time to market
Ability to provide flexible price quotes
Ability to provide differentiated services

Cost-Reduction Opportunities

Supply chain reduction
Efficient delivery of downloadable products
Reduction in order handling costs
Decrease in inventory costs due to centralised warehouses
Improvement in supply chain coordination and resultant decrease in costs
Internet Markets
Electronic markets are communities of interest where in buyers and sellers come together, exchange information, discuss, negotiate and finalize deals in virtual space instead of physical space.


Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl, Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning and Operations, Prentice Hall, 2001. Supply Chain Management: Chopra and Meindl - Book Information and Review

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